Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty little things W2

Hi guys! Halloween is just a few days away. Have you gotten your costumes ready?

This week I have been doing nothing but watch horror movies. I watched all of the Halloween (Michael Myers) movies, Pet Sematary I &II, plus a couple of others not interesting enough to mention. May I add that all of this Horror movie watching was done by myself? I find it to be more fun when you watch scary movies in the dark, specially by yourself. This week I plan on watching more movies! including Dead Silence.

Another major thing that happened this week was, I deleted my Tumblr :(  Here is why: I am getting busier with college & I hardly have time to spend it sitting on my butt scrolling picture by picture. But I bookmarked some of my special ladies who I just can't part from :)

One thing I am loving this week is Lemon water! I drink it first thing in the morning  plus before every meal. Not only does it keep me hydrated but I feel like my tummy is less bloated. Did you know that the more water you drink the less water weight you retain! yeah, look!

Here are a few things I'm saving my pennies for: A feisty Modcloth Feline Fabulous Dress, Pair of Unicorn Earings, an adorable skull lady necklace, the Walmart Hello Kitty I mentioned last Friday, and the cute Owl hand lotions.

This week was not bad at all. Although I did spend a lot of time finishing homework, I still had time to go out with Emmanuel, watch some of my favorite scary movies, and read up on my favorite blogs.

Which reminds me:
 I added a few more lovely ladies to my Bloglovin:
All dolled up

Here are a few pictures from my week:

P.s. I will be having a sweet giveaway soon so stay alert!
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  1. I love love scary movies I have been watching them all week too :)

    cute kitties


  2. That hello kitty is tooo cute :D