Monday, October 31, 2011


Manny and I spend the day at his school were we attended a Peruvian music concert. 
Afterwards we took Nathan Trick or Treating around my neighborhood. 
I ended up not dressing up as a cat or Snow White but I did wear my cute skull scarf. 

Here are some pictures of  our Halloween 2011:

Off to school with Manny!

I even Dressed up the cats 





Best Haunted house on the block

My hair got so frizzy after while we were trick or treating! 
It was so much fun! We managed to gather a lot of candy even though it was already late. 
 I can't wait for next year!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday was my Grandpa's 72nd birthday so we made him a Bday Bbq today. The party took place at my house since we have a huge back yard. It was Fun, fun, fun!!

I took so many pictures! 
My Grandpa
They are here!
Making Fire!

I been up since 7am so  I look so tired. 

My Gramp with my Uncle
My mother with her Grandmother
My grandpa and I
My Twin and I
Now we're Cooking!
My mother with her Boyfriend
My crazy Uncle looking pensative
It was so beautiful. We even saw Ufo's! No lie!

I told you he was crazy
My StepGrandma
Chula ( No cake for her)

It was so nice being with just the few of us. Drama free and idiot free (sorry but true). The only sad part was that my little sister never showed up and Emmanuel was so busy he arrived after everybody had left. But since he brought a gift he is excused :P 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puss in Boots!

So last night Emmanuel and I went out to the movies to watched Puss in Boots. That movie was so funny. I give it two thumbs ups. Specially since I am not a fan of the Shrek franchise.

The highlight of my night was while we were in line at the ticket booth two tweens came up to us and asked us what movie we were going to watch. I  immediately knew they were trying to see a G-rated movie. One thing you don't know about Manny and I, is that we are rebels at heart. So we helped them sneek in by exchanging our puss in boots tickets with their Paranormal activity ones. After we were inside we gladly exchange back and  went our own ways. Nothing like cheating the system!

When we were finally at the movie screening, with popcorn and all, the theater was packed with so many kids. I thought it was so adorable how the whole theater was filled with kids laughter in every funny part. I even chuckled once or twice.

By the time the movie was over the mall was closed [no shopping for me ): ] so we made our way out and headed to Subway. That's how we ended our night. This Friday date night was a nice one because the last time we went to the movies was a couple of months ago. Puss. in. Boots. Ciao! 

Yay, our tickets!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty little things W2

Hi guys! Halloween is just a few days away. Have you gotten your costumes ready?

This week I have been doing nothing but watch horror movies. I watched all of the Halloween (Michael Myers) movies, Pet Sematary I &II, plus a couple of others not interesting enough to mention. May I add that all of this Horror movie watching was done by myself? I find it to be more fun when you watch scary movies in the dark, specially by yourself. This week I plan on watching more movies! including Dead Silence.

Another major thing that happened this week was, I deleted my Tumblr :(  Here is why: I am getting busier with college & I hardly have time to spend it sitting on my butt scrolling picture by picture. But I bookmarked some of my special ladies who I just can't part from :)

One thing I am loving this week is Lemon water! I drink it first thing in the morning  plus before every meal. Not only does it keep me hydrated but I feel like my tummy is less bloated. Did you know that the more water you drink the less water weight you retain! yeah, look!

Here are a few things I'm saving my pennies for: A feisty Modcloth Feline Fabulous Dress, Pair of Unicorn Earings, an adorable skull lady necklace, the Walmart Hello Kitty I mentioned last Friday, and the cute Owl hand lotions.

This week was not bad at all. Although I did spend a lot of time finishing homework, I still had time to go out with Emmanuel, watch some of my favorite scary movies, and read up on my favorite blogs.

Which reminds me:
 I added a few more lovely ladies to my Bloglovin:
All dolled up

Here are a few pictures from my week:

P.s. I will be having a sweet giveaway soon so stay alert!
Hint: Hoot hoot

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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