Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

     Can you believe Halloween is over! It went by too quickly. Like usual, I spent the entire month watching Horror film after Horror film. In a nutshell, it was a great Halloween and I can not wait for next year to come. Only 365 more days till next Halloween!

My last minute Cat Face. 

My (permanent) Halloween decor in my room.

 And a very spooky Pumpkin for my little Pumpkin. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday!

Last Friday I turned 24 well, actually I should say "We" turned 24 (my twin and I) and it's not as bad as I had anticipated. Sure I am a year older but I am still the same, right... Anyways, Here are some birthday pictures from the mini birthday party my Mom made for us at my grandpas.

Our Cake(s) Cheesecake and Flan

Twin power, Do we look a like? 

Blowing out the candles

Needless to say I had a great birthday and I am so...

Btw, Emmanuel got me a $200 Forever 21 Gift card. How cool is that!?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meowsday C.10

Meet Jessa From Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa and her little man

What is your cat's name?:

Why did you pick that name out?:  
My husband has a thing for names that involve fire arms... =S  Gage, Remington, Colt... you get the idea!

 REM, REMI, Remimus-Maximus, Purr Box, and Ham Bone

How you met: 
 My husband use to work for a pest control company and was called out to a job for a "disturbance" in a nearby shed.  When he asked what the problem was she explained that she had kittens residing in their shed.  My husband politely explained that he did not "take care" of kittens but being the sweetheart he is did "take care" by bring home the whole brood!  REM became very comfortable and quickly adopted us as his new family!

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):  

REM has the most stunning green eyes and beautiful white paws.  His little pink nose is also quite popular with the girls!  He loves giving kisses to all the ladies, especially his Mama! 

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...): 
 He is absolutely smitten with my husband!  He will literally follow him around until he sits just so he can lounge around lazily on his lap.  He also loves his belly scratched and photobombing any and every camera he stumbles upon!  Thus the nickname Ham Bone!

And anything else you would like to include: 
 REM is like our baby... he drives us crazy, worries us to death, but we cannot imagine our life without him.  We are so blessed to have found him and so grateful that he has adopted us into his lives!   

Aren't they adorable!? Who knew a cat could be so comfortable being outside!
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Burger Lounge

The bathroom stalls sort of look like changing rooms. 

On Friday, Emmanuel and I went over to the Burger Lounge over in Coronado. We got ourselves two burgers, one milkshake, and some fries to share. It was pretty good...for an all organic joint. I was a bit taken back by the Milkshake because, although it was good, at first taste it tasted funny (hence the picture of my funny face). After wards we walk down to the hotel by the beach, Hotel of Coronado. It was a short date but a good one. I definitely want to go eat at the Burger lounge again.

Btw, I got my first paycheck Finally. It was a good paycheck (plus tips) and I am looking forward to spending my money. Not all of it since I do have a couple of bills to pay. But for now it feels good to have some cash in my wallet :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My week...

Happy 1st day of March! 
(only 29 more days till I am 24, oh boy!)

As you can tell from my slight absence on the blogosphere, I been very busy. 

How you may ask? Well, for starters I got scheduled to work six days in a row, I am fighting a cold, and I been super busy studying for three course finals. But today, I worked my last day so I have Friday (Payday!), part of Saturday, and Sunday off. So time to relax, recuperate from this cold/cough, and get some A's on my finals. Btw, I asked my manager for a cut on my hours because going to school full time and working 8 hours a day is making me feel super overwhelmed. Plus I noticed that Booboos has been so depressed. Hopefully this works out for the best. See ya next week! 

Big favor: Please send Kaelah lots of radiation of hope. Her indoor cat Enid has sneaked out and she hasn't come home. I hope she returns safely, soon! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Meowsday C.9

Ha! You guys thought I had forgotten about our dear old kitty feature. Nope, I just been fighting an awful cold, going to school, and working like a mule. So, sorry for the late post on this fine, rainy, Monday. Enjoy!

Introducing today, Mrs. Susannah from Susannahbean and her little Mr.

What is your cat's name?:
My cat's name is Mr. Earl Marshall Littlejeans. 

Why did you pick that name out?:
When my boyfriend and I adopted him, his name was O'Malley. We weren't huge fans of that name, so I picked Earl (because he's gray, so like Earl Grey Tea!). One day we were watching the movie Rushmore, and at the very end there's a line where they say, "What did you think, Mr. Littlejeans?", and my boyfriend repeated it to the cat. It just sort of stuck, and we ended up giving him a middle name just because :)

We call him Jeans more than anything, but I also call him Jeansy, buddy, little guppy, and about a hundred other random things!

How you met:
We adopted Jeans from the local humane society in September 2008. I went to the shelter by myself first, and I really had my heart set on getting a little orange kitten. There weren't any, and I was about to leave, when I saw this little gray dude in the corner. He was so pretty, I asked if I could see him and they let me take him in the little play room. He totally won me over, he climbed behind my neck and nibbled on my earrings and played like a champ. I brought my boyfriend to meet him the next day, and he loved him, so we brought him home!

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):
Jeans has a really pretty blue/gray coat, which makes some people assume he's a Russian Blue. I've read up on it, and it is possible for regular domestic cats to have that distinct coat color, so he's probably not a Russian Blue, but he's just as pretty :) He has very bright green eyes, and a whole "vocabulary" of meows. 

adorable thinngs they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
Jeans plays more like a puppy than a cat! We play fetch and he loves catnip. 

And anything else you would like to include:
I know it sounds silly, but Jeans wears pajamas at night! Without pj's, he's up all night biting our toes, knocking stuff down, and pawing at the wall. We found out that if we put a t-shirt on him, he goes to sleep right away and sleeps all night. It's odd, but it works for us! 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My week...

My new favorite Drink, Venti sized Passion tea, yum!

Lately I feel that all my posts contain the Starbucks pictures. But what can I say! I been spending so much time working full time and going to school. Seriously, today is my first day off since last Friday, that is four 8 hour work days!

 I am exhausted.

For those of you who have been asking, I am loving my job! Now that the first week is over, my training is over and I am now a certified Barista. Yay! All I need now is to practice my cup coding and remembering all the coffee recipes. And yes, this is as hard as it sounds but practice makes perfect and I already feel more confident with every work day. The only bad thing is that I feel so mentally exhausted by the time I clock out. Hopefully this diminishes with time because I really, really, really enjoy going to work. 

Another little highlight of my week is that I am finally learning how to drive. Yes, I am almost 24 and I am barely learning how to drive. I am learning to overcome my driving paranoia. So I am taking the wheel and, hopefully, by the end of the year I will be a licensed driver. Imagine, I will be able to drive myself to The mall!  

Hope your week was a good one, anything exciting happened?

P.s if you are a regular Reader/Commenter of my blog, you should visit My Reads page. Your name may be up there now <333

Monday, February 20, 2012

Meowsday C.8

Meet Lisa Berg from  Lala Faux Bois and her little girl:

What is your cat's name? 

Why did you pick that name out?:  
She is named after the Piper Warrior airplane that I earned my pilot's license in.  

She has lots of nicknames and we call her Little Kitty (her brother is Big Kitty) more than anything.  

We call her Smooch and Pepita a lot too :)

How you met:
A friend of a friend hadn't fixed their cat (Shame! Shame!) and they had a litter they were trying to adopt out.  We say she picked us because she was the only one of the litter that didn't run and hide when we came over.  She was 2 lbs and the tiniest thing ever!

Special characteristics:
She is a calico and part of her lips are black! (You can't see that in the pictures)

adorable thinngs they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
She LOVES to sleep and cuddle and always tries to lure us to bed for a nap.  She will lay on anything you set down- books, laptop, wet clothes lying out to dry, etc.  Whenever I'm doing yoga, she will lay on her back looking up at me and I have to stop my pose to rub her fluffy belly :)

And anything else you would like to include:
One weird trait- if anyone coughs or sneezes she will meow.  Even if she's sleeping she does a little tired meow!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue Valentine

Last Friday, Emmanuel and I celebrated (belated) Valentines day. For this special occasion, Emmanuel took me to a place that I been wanting to go since forever, The Cheesecake Factory. What made it more special was that the restaurant is at my favorite mall in town. After Dinner, we stopped at the Walmart down the street. There Emmanuel bought me the cutest polka dot bag with a big black bow. I love it!

 It was a short, quick date because I had to work early the next day but I had such a lovely night and the food was amazing. Thank you Emmanuel for another amazing Valentines day, I love you 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My week...

1. Booboos being adorable, as always. 2. My perfect bed hair. 3. Booboos hating on my Valentines hair piece. 4. Yet another adorable picture of my little girl. 5. Booboos sitting on Jeffree's face :) 6. Starbucks company laptop, I really like the cover. 7. & My Green apron. 

What a week! 
Saturday, I woke up to awesome feathered hair. It was also my last weekend being unemployed so in celebration to that I spend most of the day in my pj's and laying in my bed watching nothing but bad TV, sure am going to miss this little lazy things.

Sunday/Monday were my homework days. I spend the majority of my time reading and preparing for my midterms. Fun right...oh, I did go over to my Grandpa's to eat fish tacos, nom!

Tuesday (Valentines day), it was my first day of work at Starbucks! after that, nothing big happened because Emmanuel and I postponed our Valentines for Friday. So stay tuned :)

Wednesday, was my day off. Early in the morning my mother, twin, and I went to Jack in the box for breakfast then we went to Walmart to look around. Why? Idk, my family is weird like that (I would personally gone to the mall instead, lol)

Thursday, I work my first 8 hour shift. By the end of my shift, I was TIRED! After I got off, I headed over to Manny's school where I spend another 8 hours doing homework and studying, I also squeezed in this lovely recap of my week >.< Very tire some day :(

Tomorrow, Friday, Emmanuel and I are going to celebrate our belated Valentines day. Emmanuel is keeping our date a secret. I am very excited to find out what we are doing :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New changes

The problem:
Lately, I've noticed how everybody now has a pretty cool button on their comments that says "reply". In a way, I like it because we have the chance to reply to our readers but In another way, I don't like it. As much as I want to think this is a neat idea, I am still not content with this new feature. 

Here is where I get technical: Say we reply to a question, how is the reader suppose to know that we answered their question! I guess they can come back to the post and see if the blogger reply to them, but seriously, who of you do that? I know I don't I must make about 25 comments a day and usually I don't keep track of who they are. Get my point now? 

How to fix it: There should be a notification process where an email notice is send out to the reader telling something them something like this "Meowwzie responded to your comment for (enter posts link here)

Wouldn't that be awesome? I think so. But since I don't see this happening soon, I am now going to change my comment box from regular Blogger's to Disqus

Don't worry though! I love Disqus because not only will you get notifications from my replies but you can sign in with your twitter, blog, google account, etc... and also you can  leave a link back to your blog. Cool right! 

So please bare with me because I am trying to make this easier for you guys rather then complicate things. 

Let me know what you think, k? Want to add Disqus to your blog? Go here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So today was my first day being employed by one of the coolest places in the WORLD! 

    How cute is it that my official start date was on Valentines day? Definitely love at first sight. I started very early in the morning (6am) because I had a lot to cover. Although, I haven't learned how to make the drinks yet, I did spend 4 hours with my Manager learning everything about being a Barista for Starbucks. The highlight of my day was when I got to put on my green Apron. I was like, Finally! No, seriously. This has been my dream job since I was a teenager. I can't even began to tell you how many times I have turned in applications and had interviews for this place.

    I am so ready in meeting new people, getting weekly tips (cashing!), and best of all drinking all the free coffee. Bring on the lattes. Yum!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Meowsday C.7: Special Feature

   As a fellow Cat lady, I am honored to feature Miss Tiffany Mamone and her two cats. Although, I've never met this lovely lady in person, I followed her on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram and there isn't a day when I don't see an adorable picture of her and her cats. She is a Star Wars enthusiastic with a punk Rock soul and her style is wicked. Some of her many Tattoos include two portraits of her cats which were featured in the NY Post last year.

So have a nice Valentines Week and do fall in love with Miss Mamone and her cats: 

What are your cat's name?:
I have two cats, Victor Murder and Emily Disaster.

Why did you pick those names out?:

 Tim Burton's  The Corpse Bride  first names, punk rock last names. 


Vicky, Vic, Jelly Belly, Buba /  Em, Emmy, Em-bot, Baby Girl

How you met: 
My fiance and I rescued them at 5 weeks old from a crack house in Philly. 

Special characteristics: 

Victor is a beautiful idiot. He could totally be a model but he'd too damn dumb. He is an orange cat but depending on how he feels, sometimes he turns almost white. Its pretty nutty. 
Emily has crazy markings. When she was a baby she was gray with faint white stripes and snow white feet.  The older she got the more orange started to show. Now, it looks like she traded one of her back legs with a orange striped cat. 

Adorable things they love to do: 
My cats are totally insane, in totally opposite ways! Like I said, Victor is a beautiful idiot, I swear his brain is the size of an apple seed. But this is what makes him adorable. He likes to scream and do back flips off the wall then scatter away and hide under the bed.  I have no words to explain this but its very entertaining. Emily is obsessed with yogurt and whenever I am eating it she will attack me with cuteness and cuddles in hopes that I feed her yogurt.  She also likes to get in the shower.  

And anything else you would like to include:
I don't believe in declawing my cats, so I buy nail caps called soft paws. They come in all different colors, like pink, purple and glitter. They are easy to use and don't hurt one bit! :D 

♥ ♥ 

 Did they steal your hearts? I knew they would!

♥ Happy Valentines ladies 

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Till next week, 
P.s This is my 100th post! Yay

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My week...

Hi! Again. I think Thursday's are a better day to do my recap/highlights of my week because they won't intersect with Meowsday :) So this is going to be a short post::

On Monday, I received my schedule for Starbucks, I start on Valentines Day! plus it looks like a very busy first week. We also went over the uniform. So on Tuesday, Emmanuel and I went to buy my Black Uniform, now I can't wait to start working! Wednesday was OK. I cleaned my room and rearrange some stuff that way I can have better lighting for my outfit/weight loss post pictures. Which brings me to today, Thursday: Homework. I spent most of my day reading and finishing up some assignments for this week. And as you can see from the picture, Booboos never left my side <333