Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleepover at Manny's!

     Last night I slept over at Manny's house. Since I was going to go to the doctors early in the morning with his mom they invited me to spend the night. I gathered up my things: Pj's, toothbrush, make up. etc...and headed over.

     When I got there it was already 10pm so almost everybody was asleep. Manny was studying in the living room so I joined him. Me and Nathan played Angry birds online and then he headed off to bed. I tried doing homework but Blackboard wasn't working. So I watched How to Make Granny Squares videos till 12:30am. Then I headed off to bed... with his mom! His family is old fashion and although we been together 7 years they still keep us separated when I spend the night. Let me tell you, those 7 hours felt like an eternity. I wish I could of spend all night studying next to Manny rather than going to sleep there. I was tossing and turning. I couldn't sleep. Not that I wanted to lay next to Manny but because I felt out of my comfort zone. I love my bed and I was missing Boo boos so much.

     I ended up waking up very early but since everybody was still sleeping I was laying there starring at the ceiling. Then after an hour or so I got up and got ready for the Doctor's appointment. When they woke up they all got ready too. The sad part of my day was when Manny left for school, I stayed with his mom and Nathan. We, then, headed off to the Doctors. Afterwards to McDonalds for breakfast. All without Manny :(

On a side note: I did noticed, first hand, is how busy Manny is. Here is a typical weekday for him:

7am Wake up & get ready (No breakfast!)
8am-1pm Work at the Naval Base
1pm-4pm study at school or work on Wind tunnel Project
4pm-7pm Class
7pm-1am Study/homework
And that's not counting the days he works 8 hours! or the nights he stays up studying with out any sleep.  

I admire him and support him & I make awareness of this because I notice how he hardly gets any sleep and he hardly eats! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but a cup of coffee ain't cutting it! Plus with FLU season around the corner I am scared he is going to get sick. I understand that his graduation is in 3 months (December yay!) but he needs to eat and stay as healthy as possible. I just hope that once his midterms are over and Thanksgiving is here, he can rest rather than head over to school while everybody is in vacation. 


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