Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sitting on the table...sitting on the table

I am sitting at a desk inside the SDSU library. Emmanuel brought me to his school as a request from me. I am one day away from ending my Econ class and I have a research paper plus reflection essay to write. Knowing myself all to well I knew that I would not get things done if I was at home. I would of found an excuse to lay in bed and take a nap. Then I would be in so much trouble cause my research paper wouldn't get done.

I like it here so much. I am drinking my coffee. I am on twitter, writing my papers, and wasting time on Pinterest. The only thing I hate is the part where Manny is in class till 7pm. So I am here, all alone. Getting more bored by the minute... I also wanted to take pictures but the gals behind me are very loud and keep looking at what I am doing on my screen. So no pictures till they leave. 
Plus, I can't wait till Manny gets off so I can eat. Manny bought me breakfast in the morning but I am to shy to eat here. I don't like eating when I am by myself in a public area. Yup... that is the deal.... hopefully when Manny gets off we can take pictures around campus. I am wearing my new top from target and I love it so much.

UPDATE! Here is a sneaked picture of my new blouse: 
It's a dove/bird print blouse with ruffles from Target. 

Manny is here!


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