Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I am Thankful for

I have much to be thankful for. This year was fairly tough economy wise yet I am still here with feet above water. So while you guys roast your turkey and pinch your pies, here are the top 10 things I am thankful for: 

1. In April I lost my job and have not been able to find a new one yet, so I am thankful to have Emmanuel in my life. Not only has he helped me out economically but with out him I might not be here right now. I don't want to get all mushy but it brings tears in my eyes every time I look around me and see a roof on top of my head and food in my belly. If it wasn't for him I might not be in this very comfy situation.

2. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to still live at home with my mother even though my twin has left the nest. Of course, I am still going to college and most people still live at home I am just thankful that my mother hasn't rushed me to leave the nest. 

3. Booboos, my cat. I am thankful for her caresses and cuddles. As many of you guys know, Emmanuel and I don't live together and only get to see each other on weekends and every once in a blue moon during the week. We are mostly occupied with college work so on days that I am feeling sad or stressed and Emmanuel is can't be next to me, it makes me happy that I have her. I love seeing her little face starring at me with those big googoo eyes of hers. She is always up for a cuddle Yes, I am such a cat lady.

4. The internet. Nothing makes me happier than having the liberty to attend college through the internet. I love online classes! Not only do I save money with not having to go all the way to school every day but it gives me the liberty to do the things I love, such as go out on walks with my dog, roam around the internet reading my favorite blogs, or spend endless hours on here posting all about my life (Hehe, Emmanuel calls me an attention whore) Anywho…

5. This year in particular, I am thankful for all the drama with my family. Thanks to all of those who still think they are in high school and spend their time spreading rumors, I now know who matters in my life. Earlier this year, one of my cousins took it upon himself to break my bedroom door after he got upset over something that had nothing to do with him. Soon after, the drama escalated to another, very important family member (my grandpa), and that is where I drew the line. I have now distant myself from him and his mother and others members of my family. Most importantly, I no longer call them family and that is something I am very thankful for. Moving on…

6.  Going back to Emmanuel, I am thankful for his family. They have been nothing but kind, generous, inviting, nice loving, attentive, etc… with me. They took me in as part of their family even though we are not in laws (yet). There isn’t a family event that I am not invited too. As many of you have seen, I tend to write about them in most of my adventure posts.  That is because they are always taking me out to breakfast or we have GNO at the movies. I still remember first time I went to Disneyland with them in 2007. It was Thanksgiving week and we spent the whole week at a fancy hotel, went out to delicious restaurants, and spent two magical days at Disneyland! I am so thankful to have them in my life. Hopefully one day I can show them how grateful I am today.

7. My mom’s boyfriend. They just celebrated their two year anniversary last month and I have never seen my mother so happy. Seeing her so much in love makes me happy. Plus it gives me chance to get her out of my hair, hehe. In addition to her new found happiness, having him living here with us has been a huge help. With me losing my job and not being able to help my mother out with bills it makes me feel good that he has stepped up and helped her out like a husband should. Much more than what my “real” dad did in his short time living here…

8.  This year, I seen various people with health problems such as Emmanuel’s mom hospital scare and my mother’s bronchitis but personally, I been lucky to have my health. I had lots of health scares, such as nose bleeds from hell and lots of stomach aches but I am very thankful that nothing has been serious. Am especially thankful for my health because I don’t think I would be able to pay for medical bills if I was to go to the emergency room.

9.  My hair. As vain as I may sound I am so thankful to have my hair back. Last year, I went to a hairstylist who butchered my hair and I had to spend most of the winter with short ugly hair. Now, a year later, my hair is waist long and I am oh, so happy. What can I say: it is my cape! I feel very self conscious without it.

10. Last but not least, here are some material things I am thankful for: My cell phone, my heated blanket, my laptop, the new door in my room, my night light, and the fuzzy woozy socks that keep my feet warm and toasty during this cold, cold winter.

I do want to confess something, before I even thought of writing this post I had already posted a Dear Santa post. But after reading this, I felt guilty and knew my priorities where out of line. I have so much to be thankful this year and asking for things right now is not what I should be doing. So what are you GUYS thankful for this year? 

Hope you all have a happy gooble gooble day and that your tummy's are filled with yummy goodies.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking dawn

More like Breaking my back! Did any of you flinched when her back broke before the big gory birth scene, We did!
    Warning: Another Breaking Dawn Blog post & a few spoilers.

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   Yesterday morning Perla, Senora Rosa, and I finally saw Breaking Dawn. We had planned on going last Thursday to the very early premier at 8pm but we had last minute change of plans & had to put it off for another day. Bummer right?! but I finally saw it and all I can say is: I loved Breaking Dawn! In comparison to the rest of the movies this one is the best yet. The wedding of the century, (not the sex scene), Charlie's reaction toward the whole wedding, (not the sex scene), Bella's pregnancy, the awesome wolf pack scene, and when Bella opens her eyes as a fresh new born. I agree that the scene where the Jacob rebels against Sam is very cheesy but still, I like how they added that in. Love, love, Loved it!

After the movie we picked up Emmanuel and we all went to Breakfast. By that time, I was so hungry that before my food arrived I had drank about 5 cups of coffee. I was very loopy afterwards. We also watched the Chargers lose yet another game... Then the rest of the day we spent it at their house talking about this up coming week and how we are going to be busy, busy busy. Since this week is Thanksgiving, another set of Emmanuel's relatives are coming over. I bet is going to be so much Fun! I can't wait.

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Till then, 

P.S Did any of you guys stayed after the credits?
     If you did, you missed out. There is a scene of The Volturi getting a message from The Cullen's about their newly added member to their Coven.. and you can all guess what transitions next. Sadly, we all have to wait a whole year (November 16, 2012) for the end of the Saga. I really, really can't wait!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lucha Libre

  Yesterday was very unusual... at least for me. Perla & Nathan invited us to the Auditorio Municipal of Tijuana, Mexico to watch a wrestling match between 'La Parca', Nathan's favorite luchador, and 'The Mystic One', 'Blue Panther' and 'Heavy Metal'... This was my first Lucha Libre experience. At first I was very resistant to go but I ended up liking it. The whole atmosphere of Man "fighting" and throwing each other on a ring with freeform wrestling gets me on the edge of my seat but after two or three fights later I realized that it is all choreographed fake wrestling. There were some scary moments where the wrestlers made a wrong move and looked like the broke their backs or slit open their heads but they all got right back up and continue wrestling, True Professionals.

Nathan and Mesias (plus some random dude) 

 It was a fun night and a new experience that I would love to repeat in the future. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion valley mall incident

    Tonight was suppose to be a nice night out with family. I was going to meet Beto and his wife, Emmanuel's family from Mexico, for the first time. We even had plans to go out to dinner at Phil's BBQ after they were done with their shopping spree. Instead, we had to endure one of the worst experiences of our lives.

Here is what happened:

     Perla, Nathan, Senora Rosa, Emmanuel, and I headed over to Fashion Valley mall around 8:30pm where we were going to meet up with Beto and his wife who had been shopping all day. When we got to the mall, we waited for them in the parking lot where they would soon arrive with their shopping bags. Aafter a few minutes they met up with us. We then decided that we would follow each other to the restaurant in separate cars. Emmanuel, along with Nathan and I decided to go on the car that Beto and his wife had arrived in so that they could go on the same car as Emmanuel's Mom. That was the plan but not soon after we were on our way, still in the parking structure, did we see the flashing lights of two police cars. One of the cops directed us WITH HIS GUN! to park the car.  Then two different cops directed Emmanuel, Nathan, and I to step out of the car. They also directed Perla to stop her car & do the same as us.The whole time we had guns pointed on all of us. All while this was happening, I couldn't help to stare in confusion as to why we were being pulled over in such a manner. We had done nothing wrong! 

      This is were things start to make little sense: The reason for the whole scene was due to the mall's Loss and prevention guys had been eyeing Beto and his wife all day while they did their shopping. They believed that Beto and Mari were the "Mexicans" who had been committing fraud here in the United States. To them, Beto and Mari  fit the racial profile of the real perpetrators because they were Mexicans, who were buying a lot of things. So while we stood there, unable to even let Emmanuel's mom sit somewhere, Beto and Mari had to answer a gazillion questions . In the mean while, the cops went through our purses, their shopping bags, and cars. Not only did they make all of us feel like criminals but the cops were real ASSHOLES!. Beto and his wife had to show their ID's, take "mugshots" for evidence, and show receipts as well as the forms of payment (credit card, cash, etc..) for all the things they had bought. Such an embarrassing situation. 

     In the end the cops realized it was all a great misunderstanding. We were all innocent. Nobody did anything wrong and we were not the "Mexicans" they were looking for. But it had to take an eternity for these idiot Cops to figure this out. Their small minded brains and big egos were a great factor as to the way they treated us. Many people may say that the way that approached us is protocol but they can't fool us. After this incident, we are all on board on suing Fashion valley mall. We also have substantial proof/evidence that the way they treated us and approached was mostly due to RACIAL PROFILING! I mean, poor Nathan who is 9 was crying! How can a human being do this to a kid, especially point a gun at him! The thing that got me even more mad was that after everything, not one of the cops or loss prevention people came over & apologize to us when they finally realized WE WERE INNOCENT!

Our night was definitely ruined but after we sue them, we will see who has the last laugh. I still keep playing the scene back in my head and wish I would of demanded an apology as well as their names. At the time we were still very shaken up that all we wanted to do was get out of the mall.

P.s After this awful ordeal, we headed out to InNout to eat, then to Emmanuel's house where I beat Emmanuel at Chess. He said he let me win but I know I kicked butt. Either way it was a great distraction. I am still shaking from what happened tonight. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


     Last night Emmanuel and I went to Coco's bakery restaurant for a turkey dinner and a nice slice of Pumpkin pie. Although our waitress was so unprofessional and the little kid sitting next to us kept standing up from his booth to stare at us. Plus they were out of Hot Chocolate!  I still had a wonderful time sitting there next to Emmanuel, laughing and enjoying another lovely Friday night day with my love.

(Dirty mirror)
 This coat is so beautiful. Emmanuel gave it to me 2 Christmas ago but I hardly get to wear it.  

     Another small part of our night was after our dinner date, we headed over  to Emmanuel's house to keep his Mom company. Perla and Nathan had gone to the batting cages so she was alone with BonBon. While at their house, she gave me two blouses. I especially loved the black, long sleeve Guess blouse that was included (pictures later). We talked about our plans for Thanksgiving which led me to realize that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, which then reminded me that Emmanuel's graduation is three weeks after thanksgiving which means I only have 5 weeks to loose this unwanted weight! I've been taking care of myself all month, by going walking and keeping as much active as possible, but I still have a few more pounds to go. I stress over my weight because I always been in the 100-105's and with his Brother & family coming down for Christmas/graduation, I don't want them to say "What happened!" 
Not that it is bad but as a girl, that will hurt my self esteem (you know what I mean? ) 
     In any case, going back to my date with Emmanuel... he took me home as soon as Perla and Nathan got there. And we called it a night :) 

P.s If things go as plan, we might go watch Puss in Boots on Sunday with Nathan, Yay!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movies at the base

Yesterday night, Manny & his sister took me to see Contagion.

While on our way, Perla reminded me of our very important meeting next week. "Important meeting"  being code word for our Girls night out at the movies to see Breaking dawn! It's funny that all year I been saying Twilight (movies) suck, I hate the actors, blah, blah, blah...and now that the movie is fast approaching I am excited to see it! I'm such a hypo, I guess.

Anyways, yesterday was so much fun. I  dressed all comfy in my warmest clothes. We ordered nachos & popcorn but after seeing the first 15 minutes of the movie I started to get all paranoid. One thing for sure, I am never leaving the house with out my anti-bacterial.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rain ☁☁☁

What a lovely weekend. I did much of nothing but lay in bed and watch the rain fall. Part of the reason I stayed in bed most of the weekend was because my house is a freezer! With the rain and not having a heater I am force to snuggle inside my blankets with my BooBoos. Manny got me a heated blanket a few months ago but It's not like I can wear it all over the house. I am so thankful for my addiction of warm pajamas and fuzzy socks (lifesavers).

Yesterday in particular,  Manny came over to watch the walking dead. Before the Zombie Apocalypse, we made a run to McDonalds Then while Manny studied I made a wishlist at Forever 21. I asked Manny for some of the stuffs but in the end I couldn't decide what I wanted. I think I am going to take a good look at it over and over and pick the top 5 things I truly, really want.

Till then,
I Hope you guys are adjusting just well with the extra hour! I sure am.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can you spell KFC?

   Last night was so chill, we started off by going to KFC. Then we spend the rest of our night watching this show called Ridiculousness. I find it hilarious when the main guy says "back it up, back it up!"

I love this Hooded jacket!

Good mirror,but not my room & not my mess xP

And More Rain!

"I'll of each!"

And this show, Hilarious!

Well as you can see, we did much of nothing. What else was there to do on a stormy night? :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Underworld Awakening

Hi guys, Have you heard the awesome news? Underworld Awakening is coming to theaters soon!
My heart is beating out of my chest and I am jumping cart wheels. 

Background info: When I was 14 I cut my hair just like Selene's and I had all the movie Posters up on my walls. During this time, my best friend and I would spend our middle school days watching Underworld, listening to the Cardigans, Marilyn Manson, etc.. and living the goth life. Good ole' times. 

But seriously, I can't wait for January! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty little things W3

Hello November!
     Welcome to week 3 of Pretty little things... Today is a special day because it's my Monthaversary with Emmanuel. We been together for7 years and 3 months today! We are going to celebrate it on Friday during our Friday night date :) Let me tell you, this week has been crazy. I had a party to host, school work to be done, and Halloween! well, Halloween is not that stressing. But I been busy, busy , busy!

 Luckily I still had some time to kill & here are some new things I am obsessing about:

THIS DRESS! I want it & I want it now!

All week I been giggling over this very cute/funny post over at Megan's corner of the internet world. She went on vacation this week and you could say things didn't start out too good. But she is such a good Mom!

Also, I started watching Zooey Deschanel's show New Girl. It is Hilarious! #girlcrush!

This week I entered an awesome  Giveaway over at Dapper ToadCan you guess what her giveaway is?
It is a custom made Cat charm! I am wishing on all my stars that I win! I would really love a custom Booboos charm :). You guys should hop on over and enter. It ends on the 8th!

While all of the fun Halloween posts were going on I discovered these lovely blogs.They are all cuties!
( I loved them so much I added all of them to my Fav's Blog page) 

So as you can see, I didn;t spend all day slaving over school work. Mostly I spend it on twitter (hehe) but I am looking forward for Thanksgiving ( then Christmas!) because I could really use a break.
Till next week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I can't believe it's November already! Where did the year go?  
Well, if you haven't heard yet it's No Shave November. So in participation towards Prostate awareness month, Emmanuel has decided to grow himself a Mustache, not a beard, just the Mustache. I will be documenting his Mustache growth (with pictures)...& hoping that on December 1st he shaves it off. You can also find us at Movember (make sure to register and/or donate for the cause!) 
Till' then Hello Movember!

Day 1