Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hawaiian food and Beetleguese

Last night was a relaxing sort of date night. We began our night by going to Walmart for Dinner items.

Cute Piggy bank at Walmart
But ended up leaving everything cause we remember we wanted to tryout this place Manny's colleague had recommended, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. 

We got Bbq chicken and Chicken Katsu (delicious) To-Go
and headed over to my house where we watched Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice.

After we finish eating and watching the movies we went out for ice cream. It was another lovely night. 

Btw, I reactivated my Samsung Fascinate so expect a lot more pictures on my future posts. 
Specially with Halloween just a week away! 

What I wore:

Basic Petar pan collar blouse, 
Black jeans w/skulls on the back pockets, 
black sneakers, 
                                                                                      & my black cardigan 



  1. Omg I watched those movies too. I always wait for them when Halloween time rolls around.