Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Afternoon!

So now that I have my fav' Blogs up I thought it would be good to start a "Things I am loving this week"
I am a Twitter freak, Tumblr obsessed, and Pinterest Maniac but I been trying this new routine of reading up on Blogs and then summing up everything I loved throughout the week and sharing it with you guys. So here we go:

Pretty little things I am loving this week: 

Diy: Halloween is almost here and I am still working on my Snowhite costume. I plan on making myself a Cape and buying some White tights with red pumps. (I could use more suggestions!) 

3 new blogs that I stumbled upon are Skunkboy Creatures, Yesterdays sweetheart, and Scathingly Brilliant. Love, Love, Love.

I am trying to loose weight and a very special person (who I can't get enough off, plus I mention her a bit to much) is the wonderful Miss Tiny Tangerines. Ever since her Lilttle Bowie was Born (July 4th!) she has been working so hard and loosing the weight, What an inspiration!

This past Sunday was the return of The Walking Dead Season 2 series. As much as I hate Zombies, I am loving this Horror show. Manny and I spent last Saturday sitting on the couch, with out moving, having a Season one marathon :)

and last but not least: With fall here and the days feeling colder by the hour I am loving the fall fashion from these Online Stores Forever 21LuLu*sMod RetroFrock ShopShopRuche, and ASOS
I have Pinned so many Pieces of clothing that I can't even keep up <333


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