Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Milkshake & Samba!

Yesterday, Emmanuel and I went to another University Concert. This time we watched a Brazilian music & dance Percussion group called  Sol e Mar

But before the concert we went to his school's bookstore where they were having a Halloween special. I specially loved their Greeting card corner with all their cute knick knacks & cards.

While there, I fell in love with these Owl hand lotions but for $7.50 they were not worth it... just yet :) 

Then for lunch, I finally tried this F'real Milkshake that he had been talking about forever.
 Let me tell you, it was good!
Plus, it is sort of interesting how you create your yummy milkshake :)

He is so cute!
Once again I fail to take any pictures of what I wore today and it was a real shame because I was dressed to impress. All I can say is that I wore a black long sleeve with a burgundy Polo collar underneath, dark blue jeans, and my keds shoes.

Cute bush near the music class

Another great memory. 

Btw, next Monday will be Halloween and we are going to another concert. I just hope I get to go home with enough time to do my Pop art make up for my Snow White costume! Till then. bye.


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