Sunday, June 19, 2011

Horrible Dream

I just woke up from a horrible dream.
    It all began with me being outside my house. There I witnessed a helicopter plane, going at a very slow paced, trying to make a landing a few blocks away from my house. As my neighbors and I saw the helicopter land we couldn't believe what happened next. The Helicopter went nose first straight to the floor. Immediately, I screamed for my mother and her boyfriend to come out of the house to see. At the same time people were running towards the crash to try to help those injured by it.

   Then that's when everything turned for the worst!!! I saw another plane on my right, those hug airplanes, also going at a slow paced but at a high altitude. It then also went into a nose dive a few blocks away! but as I was looking at the huge airplane in the air that's when I noticed a third helicopter falling straight to my house! I screamed so loud "Mom get out of the house now! or you will die!!!!!" as soon as her and her boyfriend met up with me the helicopter crashed into my house. Next thing we knew we were seeing plane after plane crash all around my city :(

  A few moments later after the last plane fell we all stood in shock. We didn't know what had just happened nor who or what was responsible for such destruction!
   This part, now this part still makes me cry. After the fire had subsided at my house and we were standing in my front yard I remembered my pets. I felt stream gilt for letting them die! How could I be concerned only about myself when this poor defenseless creatures... never mind, you get the point  :(

   So I ran into the house in hopes of finding them alive. I found Boo boos on my way up the porch, she was alive and well. But when I went into my garage where my dog was... that's when my tears began to flow. She was under the garage door among other things. She was still alive but filled with ants all over her body. I could easily see her skull from the side of her face and a great chunk of skin and hair missing from her neck. I cleared the ants from her body and carefully carried her out the door. I was crying so much. I put her down on a blanket and caressed her till she closed her eyes and passed away...

  Unfortunately that's not where my dream ends.

This part is more a blur but for what I remember it sure is a horrible ending to such a terrible dream.
As we went into part of the house, that hadn't collapse, I remember turning the channels on the television for some news of what had just happened when a big gust of wind began to blow from the south. Then the sky turned red and everything began to blow away. I fought my way to my mother, where her boyfriend was already holding her, I put my arms around her as she did to me. Air blew around us, towards us blowing us back inch by inch. And as I looked up from my mothers arm I saw a huge cloud of fire coming straight towards us. Then just like that I was wide awake in my bed with boo boos on my lap. Everything calm. Everything just like I want it to be.

I felt the need to write this down, to the best of my ability, because it has impact me in a deep personal level. Seeing my dog in such a awful state and holding on to my mother for protection from a unstoppable force has led me to believe that in due time I will learn a very valuable lesson from this fictional, but traumatizing, event. Hopefully I will get to understand what these feelings are and I can apply them in my life before something horrible, such as death, stops me from showing those I care how I truly feel. (Just a little personal side note)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last night we went to comic odyssey so Emmanuel could buy himself a few cards. Afterwards we headed to my house, Emmanuel tried to teach me how to play. I did picked it up fast but now comes the memorization of the stages. I know its going to be a long, long ways till I finally pick it up completely but I can guaranteed that I will be a pro by the end of this year. Plus I can't wait to build my own deck! That's going to be fun.
The rest of the night consisted of watching America's funniest videos and playing with Booboos. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lazy sunday

I love Sundays! If it's going out or staying in, I love Sundays. 
Today I had no plans to go out, since we went out on Saturday, so I did what I do best.
I stayed in bed, ate pizza and watched tv. Although my day would of went a lot better if Emmanuel would of been here, I still had an amazing lazy feast cuddling up with Booboos. 

It was unhealthy and ultra Lazy but I can't wait to spend another day like this :)

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mall & dessert.

    Yesterday, We went to the mall to take my valentines gift from last year to JcPenny. A few months ago the chain in my heart necklace had snapped and since I have a life time warranty for it, we decided it was time to take it in to get fixed.

   After window shopping and fun time at Borders, we went to Mcdonalds for an ice cream cone and an ice cream sundae. Then on our way home we passed by the park where we saw a giant screen playing Grease, the movie.

     We decided not to stop and watch it because the park was packed and we were tired. We did spend about 45 minutes outside my house talking about what we could possibly do on saturday, today, but we ended up deciding that we would just go with whatever came up after Emmanuel's nephews baseball ceremony.That concluded another amazing friday night date.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death Prediction

I still can't get over the nightmare I had last night.
      I dreamed I was home when the door bell rang. My mother answered the door and let in two men and a women. They said they were house cleansers and were going to conduct a cleanse on the house. We all went to the kitchen. The two men sat down and begin chanting. Not soon after they looked dazed as if they were hypnotized. For some reason I felt the need to get close to one of the man who I noticed had yellow eyes. He stared at me and begin chanting some more. I stepped back. Next,  I saw was Emmanuel pointing at the wall. There I remember seeing a shadow of two hands with long skinny fingers. It had three long strings, almost as if managing a marionette, but instead of a puppet it was a birds caged. In the shadowed bird caged was a shadow of a bird. Next I remember turning back to the two men.  When I did thats when my dreamed turned for the worst. The look in the mans face will never leave my mind. He was staring straight into me and on each of his eyes there was a number. One with a month and the other  with a year. The numbers were 11 & 2023 The month I will DIE! I woke up sitting up. I felt goosebumps all over my body. Now I wonder If this dream does mean something and If it does, then did I predict the date of my own death?

Doggy beach

Last saturday we packed our towels, put on some sunscreen and we went to a doggy beach. There we sat on the sand while every kind of dog, you can imagine, ran around smelling butt after butt. Of course we took our own dog Bonbon, but se was way to shy and stayed glued under Emmanuel's beach chair.

 I had a seeing the different kinds of dogs at the beach. There were fetching dogs, dogs who loved to swim, dogs who would come up to our towel and lay down next to you and begged for a belly rub. We also encounter humongous dogs who looked like dinosaurs! All very playful. All very friendly.

 During our time at the doggy beach Nathan, Emmanuel's nephew, went in the water. He played, made friends, and fell a couple of times. I would of joined him If only I would of bought a summer bathing suit. Guess I have to get to that soon :/

   Well Anyways, If you are a dog person you should definitely try out the doggy beach around your area, and even if you don't have a dog you Will always have a great time.