Monday, October 17, 2011

Concert at the University plus dinner

    So for the past three Mondays, Manny has taken me to his University so I can join him on his weekly concert event. It is sort of mandatory for him to attend these events and he usually has to go by himself. 
We headed over to school around 2pm, had lunch, then Manny headed off to class so I walked around campus, and afterwards we attended the weekly concert. So far I have seen the music of Zimbabwe and the Mediterranean instruments of Italy but it wasn't till today that I really enjoyed the World Music performance.

     I fell in love with the Finland music produce by the talented Ms. Merja Soria and her partner Jeanette Kangas. Although the music was in the Finland language I found myself enchanted with the beats of the xylophone and the string work of the "Kantele". The music felt mystical and her voice was so Haunting. I really, really enjoyed their music and can guranteed I will be listening to the music over & over again. Plus it wasn't till I read the Program after tonight's entertainment that I found out that Miss Soria recorded the music for the National Geographic television program "Beyond the Movie: Lord of the rings" (One of my favorite trilogies ever!) I would definitely love to see her in concert again :)

Seriously, Check her out! Artic Silence
My favorite song Melkutus

After the concert, while on our walk to the car, Manny and I stopped by Mcdonalds . We ate a burger each but shared fries & a Diet Coke, of course, then we got desserts. Manny got himself a cone while I went all out and got myself a Sundae with nuts. Yum!!

It was a short afternoon together but I enjoyed every bit of it. Now for the rest of the week I need to focus on school (which started today, eep!) which means I won't see my Manny till Friday when we go to the movies to watch Paranormal Activity 3, So scary. 


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