Sunday, September 25, 2011


     A year ago, 9/27/10, I rescued a kitten from a craze men who wanted to hurt him. This took place outside of my house at the parking lot structure right next to my room. What I heard, that got my attention, was the voice of a man struggling to reach something from underneath a car. I stared for a bit out the window till I heard the cries of a poor kitten. My instinct was to run outside and with out even thinking I ran under the car and saw the small black kitten shivering in fright. I grabbed the kitten, turned to the man who was yelling at me and I said "he is mine!".

     When I got inside I took the poor little kitten, still in my arms, in to my bed room where Booboos immediately jump to the bed and curiously watched. I then turn on my lights to see him better and to see if he was hurt. I was shocked at what I saw next. I am guessing that the reason he didn't run from the craze maniac was due to eye infection he had. There was hard mucus and puss covering his poor, beautiful face. I took him to the bathroom, washed his face as carefully as possible. The dirt and mucus started to come off.

    After I dried him up,  my mother and I didn't know what to do. His face was swollen. He couldn't even open his eyes. We decided to take him to the shelter... but, I just couldn't part with him. Fortunately, my mother's boyfriend asked if he could keep him. I was so relived because this meant he would stay with us.

     We named him Batzzie (he he, after my nickname meowwzie) & because he looked like a small bat. We took him to the vet. He eventually got better. Now, a year later, he is a wild teenage cat who brings us joy and wonderful moments. Some of the things we enjoy the most is how he is so cuddly and his playful manners. Here is Batzzie:

Look at how beautiful he turned out!
He is blind from one of his eyes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breakfast & Thrift shopping

Earlier today, Manny and his family invited me out to breakfast. We headed to La mesa in San Diego to a place called Lake Murray. The food was amazing. Afterwards, we headed to their house & while everybody was relaxing inside, Nathan & I spent some time riding his bike. It is amazing how he learned to ride the bike in less than 3 days! I rode the bike like a champ. Now I want a Black cruiser bike (hehe) Then after a few spins around their parking lot, we got ready to go to a GoodWill. I love thrift shopping! There I found a few dresses (Love, Love, Love!!!) and a few skirts. It was a real good find. Oh, and Manny also bought me the cutest pair of sunglasses. Here are some pictures from our fabulous day:


Cheers cabinet I regret not buying

Friday, September 16, 2011

Green Fireball falling from the sky!

Wednesday night, around 7:45pm Manny and I were driving up the street to my house when something in the sky caught our eyes. We soon saw what looked like a bright light falling from the sky. We were amazed and surprise at what we had just witnessed. It was both an amazing and nerve wreaking experience. I am so glad that Manny and I got to witness such a rarity. Btw, that meteor was seen, not only in San Diego, but also in Los angeles, Las Vegas, and Arizona! Amazing right? 

HERE is a video from LosAngelesTimes

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Socal's Blackout 9/8/2011

If you watch the news regularly or if you live in South California then you are pretty much aware of what happened last Thursday evening. 
Here is my personal take of the unprecedented SDG&E's error that left most of California and Baja California (Mexico) without power:

While Having a late lunch/early dinner with my mom and her boyfriend we were startled when the kitchen lights went off, the washer came to a sudden stop, and the ceiling fan stop flowing the much needed fresh air. I IMMEDIATELY got on my phone and called my boyfriend, who I knew was in class at SDSU. 
You see, 10 years ago the United states of America experienced an act of terror that left most of us traumatized every time September 11th comes along. 

So here I was trying to call him and informed him that the lights went out. I really needed him to get on a computer and check right away what was going on. I just had a really bad feeling. 
When he didn't answer, cause he was in class, I started looking for a battery radio. When I couldn't find any at my house, I got the brilliant idea of going to the car. While listening to the radio, I noticed that most of the stations were playing music with out commercials or breaks. Most other stations had an eery silence. I began to PANIC! 

Fortunately, the spanish stations were the only ones giving us updates of what was going on. I listened for what seem forever. They kept announcing that not only San diego had lost power but also Tijuana, then Ensenada, Rosarito and even Arizona. The worst part of it all was that while I was in the parked car on my driveway, the weather was at a 98 degrees. 

While listening to the radio I heard people calling in asking if this was some sort of terrorist act or the beginning stages of one. by that time  I was freaking out!
 1 hour passed, still no news of what was going on. 
2 hours more, the spanish news station finally got ahold of a national security person and  they were trying to get answers. 
While we all waited for the news caster to come on air, I was biting my nails and thinking of all the things I needed to do in case we had to evacuate. I was so mad that I had nothing ready. After what felt another Eternity, the news caster came on air informing everybody that the Mexican and United states officials where doing all they could to find out what was going on and to stop any kind of civilian terrorist act. That calmed me a bit. but only a micro bit. 
I did spend an hour calling Manny. Specially after he informed me via text that his college was now evacuating everybody by siren. I tried to get things ready in case we had to evacuate too.
 Still, I had nothing useful in case of an emergency. 
I had no candles (only some half used scented candles) 
I had no batteries for the billions of flashlights 
I had no emergency kit.
Totally unprepared. 

After I returned to the car, all my fears vanished. When I turned the car on and the radio turn on I heard the most amazing news I needed
"Listeners, there is no need to panic since we just got word that the San Diego Gas and electric are the ones  who made an error. This is not a terrorist act. There is no need to panic"
I immediately called Manny and told him not to panic. I explained the good news. We were so relieved :)

Of course, we were still without any power and the sun was starting to set. 
But at that point I didn't care. I went inside. Turned on my candles and enjoyed a peaceful sunset. It was such a beautiful ending to such a terrible experience. The sunset was so beautiful thanks to the lack of street lights and lights from the houses. 
The moon never shined brighter over San Diego. 

Funny part was around 9pm, after 6 hours of no power, the lights came back on. We heard screams of joy coming from down the street and the rest of the town. Cars were honking while people took out to the streets to cheer. I was just glad to see that Kusi news were on the air sharing on the good news of the power coming back on to the San Diego counties. 

All in all, it was a terrible experienced. But I am glad we are ok. I am thankful for those who kept San Diego Informed. And I regret not having a Smartphone with internet because My life would have been a lot better I had had an easier means of getting information about what was going on with this Blackout. 

credit: all images used are from Google Images: "San Diego Blackout 2011"

Movie & Walmart

Last night Manny and I decided to skip the usual movie night out at the theaters 
and  instead spend the night in at my house watching movies.
We, of course, needed snacks for our Netflix movie date so we headed to Walmart. 
We bought Oreo's, Hot pockets, Dasani water (no soda yay!) and a whole bunch of dinner boxes. Unfortunately when we got to my house, netflix was being sucky that we ended up just turning on the Tv. 
I don't really remember what we ended up watching but we had fun eating all the amazing yummy food.
He he.

The highlight of my night was when we were at Walmart.
 Manny was acting supper silly and that totally made my day ;) 

Empty cart with only a bag of Oreo's 

Manny Looking for a Flashlight
Bag of Skittles I was tempted to buy. But I didn't (;

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labour day Weekend

Last weekend we spent it at the hospital with Manny's mom. She wasn't feeling good so we thought best to take her in. Since I didn't have school I gladly volunteered to stay all day Friday with her while Manny and Perla went to work. I had fun taking care of her. The highlight of my day was when we both laughed at the hospital food she had to eat. 
We spent all of Friday and all of Saturday with her. I might not had our weekly Friday night date but it made me happy to be able to be of some service to Manny's family. Gladly by Sunday she was released and by the looks of how she was acting, she felt much, much better. 

On Monday, Perla invited me to get a Pedicure. I got myself a lilac color. Then we went out to a mexican supermarket and we ate tacos with Horchata. 
I love Horchata!
Afterwards, Manny took me home so he could finish studying for a quiz he had the next day. 

It was a lovely Labour day Weekend.