Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday was my Grandpa's 72nd birthday so we made him a Bday Bbq today. The party took place at my house since we have a huge back yard. It was Fun, fun, fun!!

I took so many pictures! 
My Grandpa
They are here!
Making Fire!

I been up since 7am so  I look so tired. 

My Gramp with my Uncle
My mother with her Grandmother
My grandpa and I
My Twin and I
Now we're Cooking!
My mother with her Boyfriend
My crazy Uncle looking pensative
It was so beautiful. We even saw Ufo's! No lie!

I told you he was crazy
My StepGrandma
Chula ( No cake for her)

It was so nice being with just the few of us. Drama free and idiot free (sorry but true). The only sad part was that my little sister never showed up and Emmanuel was so busy he arrived after everybody had left. But since he brought a gift he is excused :P 


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