Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puss in Boots!

So last night Emmanuel and I went out to the movies to watched Puss in Boots. That movie was so funny. I give it two thumbs ups. Specially since I am not a fan of the Shrek franchise.

The highlight of my night was while we were in line at the ticket booth two tweens came up to us and asked us what movie we were going to watch. I  immediately knew they were trying to see a G-rated movie. One thing you don't know about Manny and I, is that we are rebels at heart. So we helped them sneek in by exchanging our puss in boots tickets with their Paranormal activity ones. After we were inside we gladly exchange back and  went our own ways. Nothing like cheating the system!

When we were finally at the movie screening, with popcorn and all, the theater was packed with so many kids. I thought it was so adorable how the whole theater was filled with kids laughter in every funny part. I even chuckled once or twice.

By the time the movie was over the mall was closed [no shopping for me ): ] so we made our way out and headed to Subway. That's how we ended our night. This Friday date night was a nice one because the last time we went to the movies was a couple of months ago. Puss. in. Boots. Ciao! 

Yay, our tickets!


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