Monday, October 3, 2011

Lunch, Zimbabwe experience, and a new job offer.

After Manny got off work, he invited me to go to SDSU. He had a few pending issues to resolve with his petition for graduating in December which meant he would be at school earlier than usual. Since I love going to his school I got ready and joined him. I love going to SDSU. I am so close to transferring there but in the mean time I enjoy being on campus as a visitor. We went to lunch at panda expressed then we headed to the Love library. No, it's not a make out spot. That's just the name, he-he. I had my online Economics test to finish so while Manny headed to class, I finished my test. I got a 30/40, btw. Then afterwards Manny invited me to a Zimbabwe concert. the exciting part was when we were waiting for the show to start I received a call from a Mexican restaurant. They told me they were interested in making me part of their business since they were in need of a cashier and liked that I had 7 years of experience from my Carl Jr days as a cashier. I was so happy since you all know I been in desperate need of a job. Plus christmas is coming soon!... Anyways, going back to the concert. It was definitely cultural experience. I enjoyed the music and the percussion instruments they used were interesting. Here are some pictures:

Zimbabwe Intrument

My new job, hopefully. 
P.s Once I start working, I will have the money to replace my lost Camera charger. So expect lots of pictures in the future! xoxo

- Mary


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