Monday, January 30, 2012

Meowsday C.5

 Meet Coralene from Fawn & Flower and her manly man: 

What is your cat's name?:
Charles Bukowski

Why did you pick that name out?:
He's named after one of my favorite authors. My cat is a total dude. He
prefers whiskey and women to yarn balls and catnip.

Hank (obviously), Mr. B, Charles, Chuckles, Mr. Mister, Puttertaps,
Meowmats, Pitterpaws, Pitterpats etc.
How you met:
When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I had like... one friend. All
of my other friends just went to bars every night and got wasted, and I sat
at home by myself, bored, lonely, and manatee-sized. I got tired of hearing
"we should do something tomorrow!" and then have plans that I actually
bothered getting excited for fall through because everyone was always too
hungover. Anyways, I had one good friend (who NEVER did that to me),
Chelsey, who randomly called me one day and asked if I wanted a kitten. The
perfect cure for loneliness! Her friend's brother had found it in his mom's
WALLS... some stray mama kitty had kittens back there and abandoned them. I
took Mr. B in and he's been my favorite little dreamcat ever since.

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white
paws, etc...):

When he was a baby he had a tiger tummy. Now he is easily spotted by his
mammoth proportions. He is quite impressive in frame. I should maybe feed
him less.

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
He hugs. How presh is that?? Like he puts his arms around my neck and his
little cat face on my shoulder like he's actually hugging me. I DIE. He
also does a lot of totally super gross things that only a mother (a.k.a.
ME) could love... like biting and scratching and slobbering. I know it's
gross but I love his cat slobbers and I think it's cute when he bites me.
He also becomes enraged and embarrassed when I dress him up, so if he's
especially naughty I make him wear one of his outfits. I've always thought
it was endearing but to you it may sound like cat abuse... either way he
looks slammin' in his Pilgrim gear.

And anything else you would like to include:

I have cat whiskers tattooed on one of my fingers so I can play cat face
games with him. He's also tattooed on my arm... dressed as a clown :) My
fancy dress-up boy!

Kitty hugs? I am jelly!
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Till next week, 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My week...

This week...

Monday, Booboos got a new pink collared. I really liked this shade of pink with her gray/white fur

Tuesday-Thursday, My twin came over and spend a few nights at my house. She even brought her little buddy Jeffrey (The Giraffe) Booboos really liked him :)

 Thursday I woke up extra early and headed over to Chipotle Mexican Grill for a job Interview. After My interview, I went home and found my Forever 21 package waiting for me at the door step. It was my dress and earrings that I plan on wearing for Valentines day, Eeep! Later on, I went to school with Emmanuel. I finished my homework before Emmanuel got out of class so I went for a walk around the old library. I was surprise to see that the bathrooms have tall mirrors.  

Then Friday, before our my meltown, Emmanuel and I spent the day at SDSU. We bought some Slurpees and headed to the rooftop of one of the parking buildings. There we watched all the cars pass by and drank our slurpees. It was a beautiful quality time together. 

Saturday morning, I woke up early, did some cleaning, and spent a great deal of time giving Booboos a massage. Later on I went over to Emmanuel's house to eat fish tacos and watch Paul then Beauty in the Beast.

Lastly, on Sunday I Worked out on the Ddr for a whole hour. That is a record because I usually have to stop early due to the noise. Later on I watched Armageddon (made me cry), and had myself a nice evening  by myself wish listing items on Forever 21 & Rowme

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Camera Meltdown

Star of India
Hmmm, How do I start...Today's date night was cut short.

      What started out as a romantic night ended with a bitter end.  We went to the Victory kiss statue in the Embarcadero. There we ate pizza and watched the Coronado ferry's go by. After wards we walked down Seaport village towards the Star of India ship, everything was so romantic and great till...I had a bratty meltdown over my camera. I don't want to go into detail for various reasons but the only thing I am going to say is: I need to learn to be appreciative and stop being such a brat! Plus, while I had my meltdown, Emmanuel was nothing less than a gentlemen. Which made me feel very bad after I finally calmed down, at home.  

  While I was sitting in bed, by myself at 9pm on a Friday night, I began to realize that Emmanuel is selfless and unconditionally nice/romantic/giving to me and I have no right in being the bratty/selfish/bitch that I snap into. He works hard for his accomplishments and I need to stop & think before I open my big mouth. I have no right to demand anything from him because he already does a lot for me. No excuses, I screwed up. 

Anybody else have random bratty (bitchy) moments you wish you could take back? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ballad for the Cats

      I have always fancy myself on being a Cat lover. Not a time has pass when I don't "Meow" at a passing cat in hopes of it coming towards me for some random petting. I've even gone to the extent of carrying a zip bag full of cat food in hopes of making a cat's day by giving him something to eat. As much as it makes me happy to have the opportunity to pet/feed a stray cat, it also breaks my heart not to be able to aid for this living creature permanently.

      Rainy days are the worst. I sit by my window with Booboos, she is always by my side, and I watch all the unfortunate cats in my neighborhood run for cover. Sometimes they find a spot and...sometimes they don't. Believe me, I tried to shelter some of these creatures whenever I can but still, that is not always possible. My sisters always tell me that if I had my own place I would probably be a cat Hoarder, that's entirely true but I do not live by myself. It would be insane to give all those cat's the proper care they deserve all by myself.

      What my message is:  look above. I know we fancy on spoiling our little feline companions, whom I think deserve to be spoil rotten every now and then, but also think of all those other creatures without a love. Who is going to care for them if we don't?

       So next time you are out walking around your neighborhood, don't throw rocks at the stray cat sleeping on your lawn or tell them to "Shoo!" Simply look into their eyes and wink once. This will tell them that there is still hope for them and that one day they will have that  loving family they deserves.

Hey, here is a niffty website where you can adopt, foster, or volunteer your time to help a cat (or dog) in need. Also, here is a list of places in your state that offer Free or Inexpensive Spay and Neuter for your feral cats, check them out!

Are you a crazy cat lover like me? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hi, What a day. I woke up with a massive headache, a sore throat which slowly, painfully,  progressed into a slight fever. To tell you the least, I just woke up from a long lazy nap. Yep, it is 6pm on a Tuesday night and I am barely getting things started...well, that's sort of a lie because I did spend a few hours in the morning applying for jobs. but for the rest of the day, I been a total Lazy bum. 
In any case, recently one of my dear blog friends, Cherry from A Day With Me, Awarded me 
The Cute Blog Award. Thank you Cherry <333

1. What is your go to make up product? 
It all depends. I Usually go for Maybelline, Cover girl, or Revlon for my Mascara, eye liner, and eye lash curler equipment. But for my eye shadows, I am very particular. I tend to use Estée Lauder Eye shadow pigments and Blush. I have also experimented with Sugar Pill's cosmetics,Very colorful and fun.

2. What's your favorite fashion trend of 2011? Solid color, baby doll dresses matched with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.

3. What is your favorite dessert? I like Milkshakes but they don't like me.

4. Favorite color? Purple, White, Pink, Black, Red, and Navy Blue. 

5. What is your middle name? I don't have one, my mother thought my name was already long enough : P

6. What was the last song you listened to? The one that got away by Katy Perry
7. Cats or Dogs? =^.^= Cats

One thing I have never mentioned in my blog: 

I live a drug free life. 

Blogs I am awarding.
Everybody and anybody who reads this Post <333
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  5. Tell something you have never told before in your blog.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meowsday C.4

Meet Arielle Bennett from Humble Pie Vintage and her cute little trio of Mittens:
What are your cat's name?:
 I have 3. They are Pierre, Weezy, and Spaghett.

Why did you pick that name out?: 
Pierre-He reminded me of a distinguished, French gentleman.
Weezy-My friend named her after the rapper, Lil Wayne.

Spaghett-She was named after a funny skit on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

 I call  Spaghett“Spaghetti” sometimes.  I call Pierre “Pizair”and  I call Weezy “Wezzy”. 
I pretty much just mispronounce their names on purpose, like it’s going to bother them or something haha.

How you met:  
I work at a pet store and someone left Weezy in the parking lot during a rainy night a few winters ago. She was a kitten and had no hair from being so malnourished. Pierre just ran into my house when I opened the door a few months later, ate 3 bowls of food, then jumped onto the couch and went to sleep. And then those two had a litter of kittens and I found homes for all of them but kept Spaghett because she was the runt and was sick.

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):
Weezy has the coolest patterns on her. She’s white with bright blue eyes and has smoky colored stripes and has circles on each side of her stomach.  Pierre and Spaghett are tabby cats so they are covered in dark stripes all over.

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
Pierre loves catnip and one time when left home alone, he got into a catnip stash I had and I came home and he was making snow angels in the catnip (pics included), Weezy is a toilet paper addict so you can’t leave any laying around with her(pic included of her in TP dress), and Spaghett loves to lay on top of whatever book you are reading and she used to sleep in Tupperware dishes as a kitten

This little trio stole my heart. Arielle you are on lucky Momma and Grandma, Yes! I said it :)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week...

    On Thursday, Emmanuel started his first day of graduate school and I got to go with him to campus. There, I headed over to the Library while he was in class and I got to finished some assignments for my philosophy course. I liked how much work I got done so I think I might go with him to school every Thursday from now on.

Then Friday... well, you know what happened.

Saturday was alright. I din't get to see Emmanuel because I had a few things to do at home. But Funny thing is that while I was busy looking for some papers I needed, I found our old Loteria. My family and I took a break from working and spend a whole hour after dinner, playing. I was the biggest winner and ended up with 6 whole dollars. OH YEAH! I also went over to my grandpa's to eat some Posole and look at the Chickens. 

Sunday was my Monday. I spend most of my time in front of the computer finishing up some course work. I also applied for jobs (which Emmanuel helped me with, a lot). I hope I get a call soon!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3D Experience

For tonight's date, Emmanuel and I went to the movies to watch Underworld in 3D! 

      What made it more special was that we went to one of my favorite Malls in town. There we purchased our tickets in advance then while we waited for the show to start we walked around the mall. To start our walk we went to Barnes and Noble: there I saw 2 books, Alice in Wonder land... & Anne rice's vampire Chronicles that I wanted. Unfortunately, the books were a bit pricey so I didn't get them. Afterwards Emmanuel and I spent some time inside Build-a-bear, that place freaked me out! but I do plan on going back soon to build Emmanuel his own self :) 

This may look like a serious face but inside, I was screaming in anticipation!

After a few more stores it was time for our movie! Without giving to much away (SPOILER FREE)
  This movie freaking rocked! It was definitely worth the extra bucks, the uncomfortable 3D glasses, and the long anticipated wait. I am not one to like 3D movies but this one made me shy away so many times! I can't wait for the next installment! Oops... That is all I am going to give away :) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My week

Here is a short recap of what I did last weekend: 

Last Saturday, I spend a great deal watching Scary movies and eating Carne asada Fries by myself.

On Sunday,  I went over to my Grandpa & Uncle's house to spend sometime with my new best friend: Tuxedo (My uncle's new cat). 

Both nights, Emmanuel came over and we finished watching American Horror Story. It had a great ending but I thought they could of cut the last episode out: Useless!

      It was a nice weekend, I got to relax even though it was my first week back to college. 

 Btw, Underworld Awakening comes out tomorrow, Finally! 
If you been reading this blog, you know I been dying to see it since November. I can hardly wait.

Who else is going to watch it? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Meowsday C3

Meet Caroline Areskoug from Oh Mah God & her little friend:

What is your cat's name?:
Lodis wich is swedish for bum or homeless person.

Why did you pick that name out?:

We had a bunch of names for him including Chelsea (when we though he was a girl) and Charlie, but it took so long to decide so in the end we just said, "Lodis shall be thy name" and it really suits him,


Flodis, blodis, Flo, flo-flo, lilleman, knäppis, etc

How you met:
My mother was in the front of their house, working with something and all of a sudden heard a highpitched squeaky-sound. She tough it was a bird but after some looking she found this little guy in the bushes
right by the big road. She kept him in the garage for a couple of days since the old cat they have cant stand other kitties. Me and my boyfriend visited one night and while I was all "i dont want a cat right now, its so much responsability for 15 years ahead, what if we want to travel" my boyfriend gave me the biggest puppy eyes while holding this tiny little 5week old kitten. I gave in and now I couldn't imagine this home without this feline fella!

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):
Hes almost all white with some black spots and black tail. The black spots on his head kind of look like hes got a mullet hairdo but the most specific thing with Lodis is his tail. It lays across his back
all the time and it almost looks like its been broken. The vet called it squirrelsyndrome, and says its nothing wrong, its just cute.

Adorable thinngs they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
He has a bunch of crazy things he does, not all of them adorable though. He has a puppet catfriend that he cuddles with and carries around. When you come home from work you can find her in our bed, or
by his foodbowls. He is supersocial and spend most of the time around us. Usually hes so nosy on what we are up to that if Me and my boyfriend are in two different rooms he walks back and forth or lays
on the doorcase between the rooms so he can watch us both. He trusty stands beside us whatever we do in the kitchen and loves getting a bite of whatever were having, he´ll eat ANYthing. Its really frustrating when i eat breakfast alone and has to remove Lodis from the table 20+ times since hes so curios. Oh and he talks, A LOT. When we come home we say hi and he answers with his cute dove-like sounds. We have downright conversations with our fella, (if he really says what we pretend he does is a whole different story)
 Hes also a real dumpsterkitty and lilves up to his name by loving things like; licking your toes, licking daddys armpits, chilling in your underwear when your on the loo, licking in the tub drain, smell on farts (sorry but yes) etc.

And anything else you would like to include:
Help kitties! We found our little man in the bushes only 5 weeks old and now its almost as if he has this huge gratitude towards us and is the cutest. Find your local kitty rescue center and give them some help, donate things, help out or maybe adopt a kittycat for yourself. It will give you so much back and better the life for several kitties!Cat chat   /  Animal Shelter 

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Till next week, 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

I always look forward to any Friday the 13th. I don't love it entirely because of the superstitions. I love it because I get an Eery feeling when it comes around. For some reason, I enjoy watching scary/mysterious/horror movies or shows on this date. Plus, if this is true, who wouldn't want a cute Black cat to cross their path. I don't think that is bad luck, actually I consider it a stroke of good luck.

So in celebration of this date, I planned out an American Horror Story marathon. I've heard great reviews of this series but I never got around to watching it while it was on TV. I told Emmanuel to Dl’ed the first season and to come over to my house. It was such a fun, thrilling night we ordered pizza, got comfortable, and watched the first 3 episodes. I am now addicted to this show. 

After those few episodes it was time for Emmanuel to go home. But that's OK because it gave us the chance to continue our AHS marathon on Saturday and Sunday too. Perfection in my book.

If you haven't watched this show, I recommended you do so fast. It has a Amityville House feel to it with a Ghost Whisperer type of thingy. Whatever, get on it and watch it. You will not be disappointed. 

P.s I did receive a stroke of bad luck though: Yesterday morning Booboos took it upon herself to entertain herself with my phone charger. Long story short, my poor charger ended up as shredded bits. Hopefully, I can find a replacement soon because I cannot live without my phone and No phone means No pictures. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weight loss Wednesday

  Last Wednesday Emmanuel brought me his old Xbox and a Let's dance mat. After a few tries I realize I am not that great of a dancer, and although I was a percussionist in High school...I have no rhythm coordination. I also noticed that after 20 minutes of dancing, I was sweating my butt off. That's when it hit me, I should use this game for my weight loss Wednesday. Apart from the walking everyday and managing what I eat, this game will help me get in that Cardio work I am lacking in my life. Not only is it tons of fun but I am learning "how to dance". Plus, this is better then the Zumba workout (Zumba is my enemy, the last time I tried it I ended up with a semi-concussion.)

Current weight: 140lbs
Waist: N/a yet
Hips: N/a yet

I am also going to start taking weekly pictures but I am going to save those till I reach my goal weight.
20-30 lbs by 3/30/2012 (my 24th birthday)

    If you guys are documenting your weight loss, please link me to your post. I would love to make new friends and keep each other motivated.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meowsday C2

   Welcome to week 2 of Meowsday! Today I have a double feature: One girl and her two kitties.

Meet MZ from Oh Sun eyed Girl & her little darlings:

What are your cat's name?:
My black cat's name is Vann Halen and my white cat's name is Ziggy Stardust

Why did you pick that name out?:
Both of my kitties were named after musicians (kinda). My brother and I listened to a lot of Van Halen when we got my black cat (but I prefered the spelling with 2 N's because I thought it was cuter). I was extremely influenced by David Bowie (especially The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, clearly) when I adopted my white cat.

Vann's nicknames include: Apple Head, Fatcat, Big Kitten, Bat Vann (his ears were so big, he looked like Batman when he was a kitten) and Vann the Man. 
Ziggy's nicknames include: Zigzag, Ziggarow, Ziggen, Zizzy, Peep, and Puffy Fluffington

How you met:
When I was 14, I had an issue with depression and my parents decided that I should get a kitten to help me cope. We went to several pet stores, but none of them had kitten, so we went to the shelter where they had one. He was the funniest looking cat with HUGE ears. As soon as we walked into the room where they kept cats, he stuck his little paws out of the cage and began crying. The second I touched him, he began purring and stopped crying. I knew I needed him at that very second. I adopted Ziggy when I was 19 from the same shelter we adopted Vann from. I was living on my own in an apartment and decided I needed a new pet. I searched for the perfect white cat when I saw Ziggy's little picture with the number C26 next to it. It broke my heart that his name was a number, and I had to go get him immediately. My dad went with me and it was love at first sight. When I got him home to my apartment, he felt right at home and needed no adjustment period. He slept on the pillow next to mine that night.  

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):
Vann has had a broken tail since before we adopted him, we assume from someone slamming it in a door. There's three little kinks in it at the end, so his tail ends in a spiral. Ziggy, being a white cat, is genetically prone to deafness. He's not completely deaf (generally only white cats with blue eyes are completely deaf), but he is hearing impaired. 

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
Vann sleeps on his back like a person, and occasionally sits on couches like a person. He likes to roll around in the bathtub after you take a shower, too. 
Ziggy loves to sleep under covers, especially when the electric blanket is on! He also likes to hide under the bed and grab at ankles. Possibly the cutest thing he likes is to sit on things above the ground. If there's a pillow on the floor, he'll sit on that instead of the floor, like he's playing "the floor is hot lava"

Aren't they adorable?! I died. If you would like to be feature on the next Meowsday, click here.

Till next week,