Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Diary,

 So after only 2 days of working at the taco shop I decided that it is not the place for me. As much as I need the money, the environment of it was nightmarish. For starters, more than half of the customers are either druggies (with awful attitudes) or straight out perverts who blow kisses at you while saying nasty comments. Secondly, the work space there is so un-organize. Up to the point that all of the employees get paid every Monday in cash. No checks, no direct deposit just straight out cash... I don't like that. Lastly, today when I arrived the manager pulled me to the side and told me that I should try to put more make up next time so I can look more attractive. That send out a red flag. Is his main goal to bring in customers by having attractive cashiers? This is no Hooters, ok! 

I ended up working only 2 hours today till I got fed up, took off my apron and told the manager "Thank you for the experience but this is not the place for me", turned around and walked away. I think I had more courage to quit cold turkey since the manager never gave me a proper interview, he only asked for my name and phone number then told me to put on the apron cause I was hired for the job. Who does that! This job is simply not worth it. I feel I made the right choice giving the circumstances. Now, hopefully, I can find a new job fast. 


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