Monday, January 30, 2012

Meowsday C.5

 Meet Coralene from Fawn & Flower and her manly man: 

What is your cat's name?:
Charles Bukowski

Why did you pick that name out?:
He's named after one of my favorite authors. My cat is a total dude. He
prefers whiskey and women to yarn balls and catnip.

Hank (obviously), Mr. B, Charles, Chuckles, Mr. Mister, Puttertaps,
Meowmats, Pitterpaws, Pitterpats etc.
How you met:
When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I had like... one friend. All
of my other friends just went to bars every night and got wasted, and I sat
at home by myself, bored, lonely, and manatee-sized. I got tired of hearing
"we should do something tomorrow!" and then have plans that I actually
bothered getting excited for fall through because everyone was always too
hungover. Anyways, I had one good friend (who NEVER did that to me),
Chelsey, who randomly called me one day and asked if I wanted a kitten. The
perfect cure for loneliness! Her friend's brother had found it in his mom's
WALLS... some stray mama kitty had kittens back there and abandoned them. I
took Mr. B in and he's been my favorite little dreamcat ever since.

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white
paws, etc...):

When he was a baby he had a tiger tummy. Now he is easily spotted by his
mammoth proportions. He is quite impressive in frame. I should maybe feed
him less.

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
He hugs. How presh is that?? Like he puts his arms around my neck and his
little cat face on my shoulder like he's actually hugging me. I DIE. He
also does a lot of totally super gross things that only a mother (a.k.a.
ME) could love... like biting and scratching and slobbering. I know it's
gross but I love his cat slobbers and I think it's cute when he bites me.
He also becomes enraged and embarrassed when I dress him up, so if he's
especially naughty I make him wear one of his outfits. I've always thought
it was endearing but to you it may sound like cat abuse... either way he
looks slammin' in his Pilgrim gear.

And anything else you would like to include:

I have cat whiskers tattooed on one of my fingers so I can play cat face
games with him. He's also tattooed on my arm... dressed as a clown :) My
fancy dress-up boy!

Kitty hugs? I am jelly!
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Till next week, 


  1. Charles Bukowski - great name! Haha. This was such a cute post. He is adorable. I can't believe he gives hugs, that is the sweetest thing. And I am really digging the pilgrim outfit ha he looks adorably grumpy :]

  2. Thank you, love! This is the cutest idea <3

  3. Coralene, that was the sweetest little post about Mr. B! I am so happy to read all of those cute little details (And view those disgustingly cute pictures) of your precious time with him. Obviously you two were destined for each other. :) I'm so happy you two found each other, especially at that particular time in both of your lives! Amazing how much our little furry friends can help us transform our lives for the better huh!?

    Much love,
    Chels xoxo

  4. He's such a handsome boy! My kitty Ziggy drools REALLY bad, so I totally understand the motherly love of kitty slobbers~

  5. Mr. B is so adorable! Such a cutie pie... :)

    Btw Mary, I have included your blog to my blog community. All my blog friends are there. :) See blogroll tab.

  6. Hi, Coralene and Charles! You're cute! I wish I could dress my Dimitri up like that, haha.


  7. this is such a PRECIOUS little post, I so enjoyed it!!!

  8. also, fun to see a fave blogger on this feature!