Thursday, January 19, 2012

My week

Here is a short recap of what I did last weekend: 

Last Saturday, I spend a great deal watching Scary movies and eating Carne asada Fries by myself.

On Sunday,  I went over to my Grandpa & Uncle's house to spend sometime with my new best friend: Tuxedo (My uncle's new cat). 

Both nights, Emmanuel came over and we finished watching American Horror Story. It had a great ending but I thought they could of cut the last episode out: Useless!

      It was a nice weekend, I got to relax even though it was my first week back to college. 

 Btw, Underworld Awakening comes out tomorrow, Finally! 
If you been reading this blog, you know I been dying to see it since November. I can hardly wait.

Who else is going to watch it? 


  1. 1) That cat is cute!
    2) That avocado looks delish.

  2. Tuxedo is a cutie pie! I need to start watching American Horror Story. I know I am super behind but I don't have cable. I am hoping it is online? I haven't checked yet since I haven't had internet that will support it, butttt I will have good internet again shortly :]

  3. That sounds like a great weekend! Back to Studying for me next week :) Have a great weekend! Aim :)

  4. Ugh I loved American Horror Story but I totally agree that the last episode was worthless.

  5. Tuxedo is the perfect name for that cute little kitty :D
    I'm so going to go see Underworld Awakening! My husband has nagging me to see it forever haha!

  6. love the avocado, but not much fan of horrow movies, I'm so scared of them haha

  7. Hi! 
     Emmanuel d'ed the whole first season so I am not sure if it's online, like on Netflix. But if they have it, watch it :)

  8. I have lot's to study for too :( but thank god is the weekend! 

  9. You need to take more thrills in your life! lol. I am deadly scared of roller coasters so I can't judge :)

  10. Yay! Hope you enjoy it as much as I will!

  11. Cute cat!