Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week...

    On Thursday, Emmanuel started his first day of graduate school and I got to go with him to campus. There, I headed over to the Library while he was in class and I got to finished some assignments for my philosophy course. I liked how much work I got done so I think I might go with him to school every Thursday from now on.

Then Friday... well, you know what happened.

Saturday was alright. I din't get to see Emmanuel because I had a few things to do at home. But Funny thing is that while I was busy looking for some papers I needed, I found our old Loteria. My family and I took a break from working and spend a whole hour after dinner, playing. I was the biggest winner and ended up with 6 whole dollars. OH YEAH! I also went over to my grandpa's to eat some Posole and look at the Chickens. 

Sunday was my Monday. I spend most of my time in front of the computer finishing up some course work. I also applied for jobs (which Emmanuel helped me with, a lot). I hope I get a call soon!


  1. My parents have evil chickens that attack you. I hope you get a call-back soon!


  2. Evil Chickens? That sounds scary!


  3. I've never heard of Loteria, but I'd love to play it someday! Sounds really good :)

  4. it looks like u had a great time:)

    6 dollars yeah :D:D

  5. Aww you look like you had such a good time. Your cat is so cute.