Monday, January 9, 2012

Meowsday C2

   Welcome to week 2 of Meowsday! Today I have a double feature: One girl and her two kitties.

Meet MZ from Oh Sun eyed Girl & her little darlings:

What are your cat's name?:
My black cat's name is Vann Halen and my white cat's name is Ziggy Stardust

Why did you pick that name out?:
Both of my kitties were named after musicians (kinda). My brother and I listened to a lot of Van Halen when we got my black cat (but I prefered the spelling with 2 N's because I thought it was cuter). I was extremely influenced by David Bowie (especially The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, clearly) when I adopted my white cat.

Vann's nicknames include: Apple Head, Fatcat, Big Kitten, Bat Vann (his ears were so big, he looked like Batman when he was a kitten) and Vann the Man. 
Ziggy's nicknames include: Zigzag, Ziggarow, Ziggen, Zizzy, Peep, and Puffy Fluffington

How you met:
When I was 14, I had an issue with depression and my parents decided that I should get a kitten to help me cope. We went to several pet stores, but none of them had kitten, so we went to the shelter where they had one. He was the funniest looking cat with HUGE ears. As soon as we walked into the room where they kept cats, he stuck his little paws out of the cage and began crying. The second I touched him, he began purring and stopped crying. I knew I needed him at that very second. I adopted Ziggy when I was 19 from the same shelter we adopted Vann from. I was living on my own in an apartment and decided I needed a new pet. I searched for the perfect white cat when I saw Ziggy's little picture with the number C26 next to it. It broke my heart that his name was a number, and I had to go get him immediately. My dad went with me and it was love at first sight. When I got him home to my apartment, he felt right at home and needed no adjustment period. He slept on the pillow next to mine that night.  

Special characteristics (features that make them unique:striped tail, white paws, etc...):
Vann has had a broken tail since before we adopted him, we assume from someone slamming it in a door. There's three little kinks in it at the end, so his tail ends in a spiral. Ziggy, being a white cat, is genetically prone to deafness. He's not completely deaf (generally only white cats with blue eyes are completely deaf), but he is hearing impaired. 

Adorable things they love to do (loves catnip, hides in dryer, etc...):
Vann sleeps on his back like a person, and occasionally sits on couches like a person. He likes to roll around in the bathtub after you take a shower, too. 
Ziggy loves to sleep under covers, especially when the electric blanket is on! He also likes to hide under the bed and grab at ankles. Possibly the cutest thing he likes is to sit on things above the ground. If there's a pillow on the floor, he'll sit on that instead of the floor, like he's playing "the floor is hot lava"

Aren't they adorable?! I died. If you would like to be feature on the next Meowsday, click here.

Till next week,


  1. I love this feature that you do. I'm allergic to cats so this is the closest I get!

  2. super cute! This story made me smile :)
    I love their names!

  3. It was so fun to be featured on here! I'm glad I got to share my baby kittens with everyone <3

  4. aw, so cute! and i too believe that it's impossible to be sad when you've got a purriing kitty on your lap!

  5. My dog sleeps on his back too. I find it hilarious! :D

  6. What adorable little kitties! And I personally think they have the best names ever!


  7. Very Cute cats I LOVE cats!!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog =)

  8. oh cute cat !
    nice blog :)
    thanks for comment, hope you will visit my blog more often :)

  9. This feature is awesome!
    Love it:)

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  11. This Meowsday feature you have is awesome and unique. I haven't seen a feature on different cats yet, so Meowsday will keep me coming back for more cuteness. :) I almost thought Vann Halen and Ziggy Stardust were your cats at first. Hehe... They are very adorable cats and it's so cool how they're named after musicians. :)

    Thank you for following and visiting my blog. Awesome how you live in SD too. :) I am now a new follower of yours. Take care. :)

  12. i have 2 cats too!!!
    great blog you got here!
    follow each other?

  13. Aww I so want kittens now! :) They're so cute!

  14. Hello ... thanks for following my blog you're sweet, I love your cats, cat picture where your white is on you ... uff a tiger, is immense jajajaja. I follow you now: D Greetings from Venezuela: D

  15. What darling kitties you have! I looove cats, but unfortunately I'm allergic. :/

  16. Aww I love your kitties, they're adorable! I love cats so much, I have since I was a child, I honestly can't imagine my life without having a pet cat.


  17. Thats so nice of you to feature a friend on your post :) and Wow her white cat is so cute

  18. Oh my gosh, finding this blog is like a cat lady's dream. I'm glad I'm not the only one that obsessively takes pictures of my cats! So darn cute.

  19. The white kitty looks huge in the second pic, haha! :O They're so pretty! :D