Sunday, January 29, 2012

My week...

This week...

Monday, Booboos got a new pink collared. I really liked this shade of pink with her gray/white fur

Tuesday-Thursday, My twin came over and spend a few nights at my house. She even brought her little buddy Jeffrey (The Giraffe) Booboos really liked him :)

 Thursday I woke up extra early and headed over to Chipotle Mexican Grill for a job Interview. After My interview, I went home and found my Forever 21 package waiting for me at the door step. It was my dress and earrings that I plan on wearing for Valentines day, Eeep! Later on, I went to school with Emmanuel. I finished my homework before Emmanuel got out of class so I went for a walk around the old library. I was surprise to see that the bathrooms have tall mirrors.  

Then Friday, before our my meltown, Emmanuel and I spent the day at SDSU. We bought some Slurpees and headed to the rooftop of one of the parking buildings. There we watched all the cars pass by and drank our slurpees. It was a beautiful quality time together. 

Saturday morning, I woke up early, did some cleaning, and spent a great deal of time giving Booboos a massage. Later on I went over to Emmanuel's house to eat fish tacos and watch Paul then Beauty in the Beast.

Lastly, on Sunday I Worked out on the Ddr for a whole hour. That is a record because I usually have to stop early due to the noise. Later on I watched Armageddon (made me cry), and had myself a nice evening  by myself wish listing items on Forever 21 & Rowme

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  1. sounds like a good week :)
    Love those earrings too
    Amy :)

  2. despite your melt down it sounds like you had a lovely week! i'm loving that color on booboos, my cat has a red one which pops against her black fur. also, i love those earrings!

  3. What a fun and busy week. Booboos and jeffrey are just too cute together!! I really want to go to 711 now and get slurpees haha. And Armageddon was the first movie to make me cry - weird? 

  4. Ha, Mr. B has that exact same giraffe! CAT TWINZ

  5. Omg your cat is too adorable!!