Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ballad for the Cats

      I have always fancy myself on being a Cat lover. Not a time has pass when I don't "Meow" at a passing cat in hopes of it coming towards me for some random petting. I've even gone to the extent of carrying a zip bag full of cat food in hopes of making a cat's day by giving him something to eat. As much as it makes me happy to have the opportunity to pet/feed a stray cat, it also breaks my heart not to be able to aid for this living creature permanently.

      Rainy days are the worst. I sit by my window with Booboos, she is always by my side, and I watch all the unfortunate cats in my neighborhood run for cover. Sometimes they find a spot and...sometimes they don't. Believe me, I tried to shelter some of these creatures whenever I can but still, that is not always possible. My sisters always tell me that if I had my own place I would probably be a cat Hoarder, that's entirely true but I do not live by myself. It would be insane to give all those cat's the proper care they deserve all by myself.

      What my message is:  look above. I know we fancy on spoiling our little feline companions, whom I think deserve to be spoil rotten every now and then, but also think of all those other creatures without a love. Who is going to care for them if we don't?

       So next time you are out walking around your neighborhood, don't throw rocks at the stray cat sleeping on your lawn or tell them to "Shoo!" Simply look into their eyes and wink once. This will tell them that there is still hope for them and that one day they will have that  loving family they deserves.

Hey, here is a niffty website where you can adopt, foster, or volunteer your time to help a cat (or dog) in need. Also, here is a list of places in your state that offer Free or Inexpensive Spay and Neuter for your feral cats, check them out!

Are you a crazy cat lover like me? 


  1. I am an all around animal lover of any kind.  I cannot imagine hurting an innocent no matter what they're part in this world.  I am the type that cries when I have to squish a wounded bug!  We need to all be more compassionate to them as this is there land just as much as ours.  Especially our domestic friends as we chose to establish a sense of co-dependancy within these creatures.  Why should they be punished when it is us, at most times, who are not keeping our end of the bargain?  Great post Mary!  It's good to spread awareness on matters that are dear.

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    PS  You read my mind with REM!  I will be answering your questions over the weekend!  =D

  2. I wish I had a cat! I ove those devon rex! they are so cuuute

  3. I wish I wasn't allergic or else I would have adopted one or two by now. I completely agree with you. These animals need our help. Adoption, fostering, and volunteering to help these animals is the best solution. I adopted my mini dachshund a few years ago and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I wish I could save all them all. *sighhh. 

  4. I totally agree! I always carry a bag of cat food in my car in case I need to feed a stray cat(or dog!). I have a heard of random stray neighborhood cats that I pour food on my porch for haha


  5. Me too! I love leaving little bowls of food for the strays in my neighborhood. My mom hates that though cause she says they'll never leave. but I don't care :) 

  6. That's great that you adopted rather bought from a breed. Although pedigree dogs need homes too, I will always think first of those cats/dogs in the shelters who will end up euthanize. Poor babies :'(  

  7. I agree with what you said. At first when I posted the post I thought : people are going to think I am very crazy!. but right now, I could care less. I want to spread awareness about  cats, and any other animal, and it makes me really  happy that you support me <333 Thank you

  8. You probably are crazy!  =D  I know people think I am crazy when I go into mourning for weeks over the unscheduled departing of a pet.  I think I cry more for my animals than people.  I feel like it was my responsibility to protect them and when something happens I feel like I have failed them.  But isn't that how it should be?  Isn't it better to by crazy passionate about something than to be indifferent?  It shows that you are a living, breathing, feeling individual with a heartbeat that you put towards a better cause.  Keep it up Miss Mary and I hope, right there with you, that people do become just a little more crazy about their animals!

    xoxo Jessa