Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New changes

The problem:
Lately, I've noticed how everybody now has a pretty cool button on their comments that says "reply". In a way, I like it because we have the chance to reply to our readers but In another way, I don't like it. As much as I want to think this is a neat idea, I am still not content with this new feature. 

Here is where I get technical: Say we reply to a question, how is the reader suppose to know that we answered their question! I guess they can come back to the post and see if the blogger reply to them, but seriously, who of you do that? I know I don't I must make about 25 comments a day and usually I don't keep track of who they are. Get my point now? 

How to fix it: There should be a notification process where an email notice is send out to the reader telling something them something like this "Meowwzie responded to your comment for (enter posts link here)

Wouldn't that be awesome? I think so. But since I don't see this happening soon, I am now going to change my comment box from regular Blogger's to Disqus

Don't worry though! I love Disqus because not only will you get notifications from my replies but you can sign in with your twitter, blog, google account, etc... and also you can  leave a link back to your blog. Cool right! 

So please bare with me because I am trying to make this easier for you guys rather then complicate things. 

Let me know what you think, k? Want to add Disqus to your blog? Go here


  1. I'm totally with you on this. I love the reply feature and getting to respond to people but they probably won't ever see it! And I also would like to know if someone responds to me.  Since you have Disqus I'm kind of considering it now. Is it free and easy to use?

  2. Yes, it's both free and very easy! I did it without any problems :)

  3. I've always found the comment system annoying! I think I want to add Disqus too.

  4. oh I'm totally with you! I noticed a lot of bloggers did answer me but I didn't see it because I'm too busy to check all blogs for replies ;/

  5. I comment on at least 40-50 blogs  day, so I totally understand! Another thing I've noticed... the captcha thing on regular blogger comment box just changed and its ridiculous. I took a screenshot of one yesterday that had arabic letters for half of it.