Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue Valentine

Last Friday, Emmanuel and I celebrated (belated) Valentines day. For this special occasion, Emmanuel took me to a place that I been wanting to go since forever, The Cheesecake Factory. What made it more special was that the restaurant is at my favorite mall in town. After Dinner, we stopped at the Walmart down the street. There Emmanuel bought me the cutest polka dot bag with a big black bow. I love it!

 It was a short, quick date because I had to work early the next day but I had such a lovely night and the food was amazing. Thank you Emmanuel for another amazing Valentines day, I love you 


  1. How sweet!
    I love that bag too :)
    Amy xo

  2. How cute!
    I love the bag! I never have good luck at the Cheesecake Factory, though :( The one near me is terrible!
    xo Heather

  3. yay how cute! :)))

    omg I looooooooooove your necklace!!!!!!

  4. that beautiful balloon: D seems to go great. your necklace is very cute, and your boyfriendwas very tender with that gift: D

  5. Hi Mary! Nice necklace, and oh how I wish we have Cheesecake Factory here in our place! By the way, congratulations on your first day at Starbucks. Right now, I like to taste your coffee... :)