Monday, February 13, 2012

Meowsday C.7: Special Feature

   As a fellow Cat lady, I am honored to feature Miss Tiffany Mamone and her two cats. Although, I've never met this lovely lady in person, I followed her on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram and there isn't a day when I don't see an adorable picture of her and her cats. She is a Star Wars enthusiastic with a punk Rock soul and her style is wicked. Some of her many Tattoos include two portraits of her cats which were featured in the NY Post last year.

So have a nice Valentines Week and do fall in love with Miss Mamone and her cats: 

What are your cat's name?:
I have two cats, Victor Murder and Emily Disaster.

Why did you pick those names out?:

 Tim Burton's  The Corpse Bride  first names, punk rock last names. 


Vicky, Vic, Jelly Belly, Buba /  Em, Emmy, Em-bot, Baby Girl

How you met: 
My fiance and I rescued them at 5 weeks old from a crack house in Philly. 

Special characteristics: 

Victor is a beautiful idiot. He could totally be a model but he'd too damn dumb. He is an orange cat but depending on how he feels, sometimes he turns almost white. Its pretty nutty. 
Emily has crazy markings. When she was a baby she was gray with faint white stripes and snow white feet.  The older she got the more orange started to show. Now, it looks like she traded one of her back legs with a orange striped cat. 

Adorable things they love to do: 
My cats are totally insane, in totally opposite ways! Like I said, Victor is a beautiful idiot, I swear his brain is the size of an apple seed. But this is what makes him adorable. He likes to scream and do back flips off the wall then scatter away and hide under the bed.  I have no words to explain this but its very entertaining. Emily is obsessed with yogurt and whenever I am eating it she will attack me with cuteness and cuddles in hopes that I feed her yogurt.  She also likes to get in the shower.  

And anything else you would like to include:
I don't believe in declawing my cats, so I buy nail caps called soft paws. They come in all different colors, like pink, purple and glitter. They are easy to use and don't hurt one bit! :D 

♥ ♥ 

 Did they steal your hearts? I knew they would!

♥ Happy Valentines ladies 

If you would like to be feature on the next Meowsday, click here.

Till next week, 
P.s This is my 100th post! Yay


  1. Aaaaaw hi kitties! They are so pretty. I like the matching nail polish in the last pic :D

  2. Awwww!
    Claudia xxx

  3. She's beautiful, just like her cats! xo

  4. She is gorgeous and her cats are adorable. I like how she came up with their names. Aaaand her cat tattoos are awesome :]

  5. i absolutely love her cat tattoos! and i think it's so cute how she talks about her kitties!


  6. this is so cute, i lOVE the tattoos! im looking into a tattoo if my kitty best friend too :)

  7. Cool names for cats. LOL they are adorable. Anywayz, just dropping by to say Happy Valentine's Day Mary! I wish you and your love will have a great time celebrating this love day. :)

    Always, Cherry.

  8. I like the fact she does not clip the claws.

  9. They are so adorable! And I love her tattoos. I never declaw my cats, I think that's awful. =/

  10. I didn't know Soft Paws came in glitter! Ooooh.