Monday, February 6, 2012

My week...

Booboos relaxing in my bed/ Booboos climbing on top of Emmanuel/ Booboos acting crazy while in heat/
Mexican food restaurant arrangement/ Booboos and her cute paws!/ Delicious drink at Red Robin/
Rock balancing in Seaport Village/ Pizza after an Ddr/ The Queen performing Super Bowl XLVI

I can't believe January is over! This year is going by so fast. Here are some Highlights of my week: 

Monday: I woke up to find my dresser down on the floor (Thanks Booboos). Then spend most of the day reading and doing homework. I also had to endure Booboos and her meowing--Poor baby was in heat-- She was Meowing and climbing on everything and anything. 
She even climbed up on Emmanuel's back, hehe.

Tuesday: I had a semi Interview at Panda Express but I ended up only turning in an application. Then later on I accompanied Emmanuel to school where I worked on some things for school. 

Wednesday: was a big day for me! I went to an interview at Starbucks and left with a job :)
 Actually: I left, went home, and then hours later got the call. I was jumping up and down the rest of the day!!! The biggest scare of my day was when the power went out and my phone had 10% battery. I was scared I was going to miss the Starbucks call. 

Thursday: I went with my mom to her MRI. She has had some health scares lately and we hope to find out what is going on soon. After her doctor's appointment we met up with her Boyfriend at a Mexican food spot.  My day ended when I went to Emmanuel's school to finish up some homework. 

Friday: I went with my mom to the Doctor, again. While waiting in the waiting room I had a neat surprise when this two girls, Martha and Chantal, recognized me from our old neighborhood. At first I was very confuse but then I remember who they were: My Sailor Moon pals! This two girls, sisters, lived down the street from my house and we would always play with our Sailor Moon barbies. Oh, the 90's. It was so nice to see them again. I hope to be able to keep in touch with them >.< 
For our Friday night date, Emmanuel and I went to Red Robin to eat some burgers. I ordered the endless Strawberry freckled Lemonade, It's so delicious!

Saturday: Emmanuel's family and I headed out to baseball tryouts then to Long John Silver's for Dinner. Afterwards we went to Seaport village. I never been there on a Saturday, so I had a great time seeing all the  side walk acts. My favorite was the rock balancing act. 

Sunday: Super Bowl! I didn't really watch it because I was busy doing homework and such but I did take a break to watch the Queen Perform. All hail Madonna, she was amazing!


  1. What a busy little week you've had! I would do a post like this, but all it would say is homework, homework, and more homework. Yuck!

    xo Heather

    1. My posts mostly consist of doing homework, doing more homework, and finishing up more homework. So I totally know what you mean! But luckily, sometimes I get to squeeze in some other little things :)

  2. ^agree with the above comment about how my week would include homework, homework, homework! Haha.

    It sounds like your week was busy. Your cat knocked over your dresser?!

    1. Yes! I am guessing she wanted to go to the window but ended up jumping on top of it and when she jumped she used enough forced that it went straight down. But to begin with, its not that heavy :)

  3. congrats on your new job! lots and lots of free coffee! <3


    1. Thank you! Gosh, I can't wait to start!!!

  4. What a busy week! That pizza looks delicious in your photo!
    Congrats for the new job :)

    Amy X

    1. That pizza was my reward after playing 2 hours of DDT. Totally worth it! Thank you <333

  5. What a jam-packed week you've had, Mary! And congrats on your job application. :)

    Another thing to celebrate is this Liebster Blog Award I'm giving you... :)