Saturday, December 3, 2011

Early Christmas surpise

      Yesterday was great day for a couple of reasons- Main reason was Emmanuel's Brother,Rudy, and family came down from Seattle to celebrate an early Christmas with us.

       The day started out with Rudy inviting us to Black Angus for Dinner. But little did we know that after Dinner he had planned a very sweet Surprise for Snr Rosa & us. He took us to the Airport to, supposedly, pick up something from a friend. It wasn't till we were there that we saw his little family, Christine, Emma, and baby Rudy jr waiting for us. Of course, we all ran out of the car to greet them. What took the cake was Snr Rosa's reaction. She was at the brink of tears holding her Grandkids. Afterwards we headed home, their house I mean, where we gushed about Baby Rj and Emma. Last time I saw them, Baby Rudy jr was 6 months and Emma was merely 3. Emmanuel and I head to the store to buy them Coloring books and crayons. Then we spent the rest of the night playing Chess and Scrabble, fun times...Oh, and about our early a Christmas surprise! Christine and Rudy brought our gifts with them since they are not going to be here for Christmas. Nathan got a Wii plus a couple of xbox games, Emmanuel got a few boeing Shirts, a beanie, and an awesome Key chain, Perla got a Hp touchpad, and I got  this (picture below) Christmas card with a nice Bill inside. I thought my card was so cute!

I am looking forward to seeing them a lot more this weekend but that might not be possible since Emmanuel graduates in 9 days! and will be stuck at school finishing his Wind tunnel Project. But if we possible can, then I want to spend all of Sunday with them because Mr. Rudy Jr will be turning 2 years old. Oh, how time flies. Especially when you live so far apart :( Happy Birthday Rudy Junior <333