Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dub a dub a dum dum

4 days till Christmas!

Here is a 1980  “Christmas song” from Jena Lewie. This Song is a classic in my holiday playlist. Every year I crank it up and sing along to it while I help cook our Christmas dinner or just to dance around the Christmas tree.   

BURBERRY, a clothing company made a cover to this song for one of their Holiday advertising videos.I wanted to share this one with you guys because not only it is a perfect cover to one of my favorite songs but have you seen what they are wearing? Perfection!

Plus it has a winter wonderland, who doesn't love that!

So without further adieu, I give you:

"Stop the Calvary" 

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a very special post,
 plus a message from me.


  1. Great song the top video makes me wish I was in Burberry for Christmas! =D

    Love & Lollies... Jessa"

  2. thet burberry video is amazing! :D

  3. That Burberry video is just.. wow.
    Hasn't December flew by?

  4. I cant believe Christmas is only 4 days away! :) eeep im so excited! merry christmas Mary!

  5. Such a cute video!

    love your blog and follow it now!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. this is beautiful! I may have to share this on my blog too :)

    new reader here.

  7. This music is so dreamy...
    i seriously love your blog, would you like us to change buttons?
    check out mine