Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Classic Holiday

Here are two very endlessly famous Bands singing some Christmas tunes.
Please Enjoy...

5 days till Christmas! 


  1. Love these! Great idea, thank you for posting them!

  2. Wow, I wish the calamity that caused so much damage in our place didn't happen. It's really hard to celebrate in this tough time.

    By the way, thank you for your prayers. I'm okay and my family too. We are fortunate enough to be distant from the catastrophe. The tragedy was truly heartbreaking. It was our first to experience such cruelty. Many were washed out by the flood and were found in the sea near our place. The day after the storm, the fishermen in our town helped rescue them. Many were wounded, and the others, sadly, didn't survive the impact. Nurses volunteered to tend those who were injured, and I was one of them. Really sad.

    We also visited those affected places (you probably saw the aftermath on TV). It was devastating. They greatly need help. My family already donated food and clothes. We thought they need them most.

    Thank you again Susan! I believe help will come to those who need it. Pray with us.

    I stopped posting my "flash series." It doesn't feel right.

  3. very nice! i'm a girl who loves the classics ;)

  4. Love these classic songs! Girl, you've got amazing taste in music