Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lucha Libre

  Yesterday was very unusual... at least for me. Perla & Nathan invited us to the Auditorio Municipal of Tijuana, Mexico to watch a wrestling match between 'La Parca', Nathan's favorite luchador, and 'The Mystic One', 'Blue Panther' and 'Heavy Metal'... This was my first Lucha Libre experience. At first I was very resistant to go but I ended up liking it. The whole atmosphere of Man "fighting" and throwing each other on a ring with freeform wrestling gets me on the edge of my seat but after two or three fights later I realized that it is all choreographed fake wrestling. There were some scary moments where the wrestlers made a wrong move and looked like the broke their backs or slit open their heads but they all got right back up and continue wrestling, True Professionals.

Nathan and Mesias (plus some random dude) 

 It was a fun night and a new experience that I would love to repeat in the future. 


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