Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking dawn

More like Breaking my back! Did any of you flinched when her back broke before the big gory birth scene, We did!
    Warning: Another Breaking Dawn Blog post & a few spoilers.

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   Yesterday morning Perla, Senora Rosa, and I finally saw Breaking Dawn. We had planned on going last Thursday to the very early premier at 8pm but we had last minute change of plans & had to put it off for another day. Bummer right?! but I finally saw it and all I can say is: I loved Breaking Dawn! In comparison to the rest of the movies this one is the best yet. The wedding of the century, (not the sex scene), Charlie's reaction toward the whole wedding, (not the sex scene), Bella's pregnancy, the awesome wolf pack scene, and when Bella opens her eyes as a fresh new born. I agree that the scene where the Jacob rebels against Sam is very cheesy but still, I like how they added that in. Love, love, Loved it!

After the movie we picked up Emmanuel and we all went to Breakfast. By that time, I was so hungry that before my food arrived I had drank about 5 cups of coffee. I was very loopy afterwards. We also watched the Chargers lose yet another game... Then the rest of the day we spent it at their house talking about this up coming week and how we are going to be busy, busy busy. Since this week is Thanksgiving, another set of Emmanuel's relatives are coming over. I bet is going to be so much Fun! I can't wait.

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Till then, 

P.S Did any of you guys stayed after the credits?
     If you did, you missed out. There is a scene of The Volturi getting a message from The Cullen's about their newly added member to their Coven.. and you can all guess what transitions next. Sadly, we all have to wait a whole year (November 16, 2012) for the end of the Saga. I really, really can't wait!


  1. I didn't stay for the end credits! I am so pissed I missed it.