Saturday, November 12, 2011


     Last night Emmanuel and I went to Coco's bakery restaurant for a turkey dinner and a nice slice of Pumpkin pie. Although our waitress was so unprofessional and the little kid sitting next to us kept standing up from his booth to stare at us. Plus they were out of Hot Chocolate!  I still had a wonderful time sitting there next to Emmanuel, laughing and enjoying another lovely Friday night day with my love.

(Dirty mirror)
 This coat is so beautiful. Emmanuel gave it to me 2 Christmas ago but I hardly get to wear it.  

     Another small part of our night was after our dinner date, we headed over  to Emmanuel's house to keep his Mom company. Perla and Nathan had gone to the batting cages so she was alone with BonBon. While at their house, she gave me two blouses. I especially loved the black, long sleeve Guess blouse that was included (pictures later). We talked about our plans for Thanksgiving which led me to realize that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, which then reminded me that Emmanuel's graduation is three weeks after thanksgiving which means I only have 5 weeks to loose this unwanted weight! I've been taking care of myself all month, by going walking and keeping as much active as possible, but I still have a few more pounds to go. I stress over my weight because I always been in the 100-105's and with his Brother & family coming down for Christmas/graduation, I don't want them to say "What happened!" 
Not that it is bad but as a girl, that will hurt my self esteem (you know what I mean? ) 
     In any case, going back to my date with Emmanuel... he took me home as soon as Perla and Nathan got there. And we called it a night :) 

P.s If things go as plan, we might go watch Puss in Boots on Sunday with Nathan, Yay!


  1. I've been seeing on so many blogs lately all this pumpkin based recipes. I really want to try a pumpkin pie! Ever since I've been a waitress, I've really noticed how some restaurant/cafe staff are blatantly rude, or lazy or just don't care. And it can be really off putting towards the whole dining out experience. Sometimes I find it hard to overlook when they chuck menus at you and take forever to take your order.

    Oh, & I LOVE your header, cats are my favourite!


  2. It happened to me too... i mean gaining weight. it started when i started work at the hospital. i gained like 5 pounds. can u believe that? lol... that's why I feel ya! anyway, thanks dropping for dropping by my blog... great to keep in touch with blogger friends!

    love love Cherry :)

  3. you are such a pretty girl. you have a really-impressive banner, and i really enjoyed reading your posts. :) new follower. hope to visit again!