Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty little things W3

Hello November!
     Welcome to week 3 of Pretty little things... Today is a special day because it's my Monthaversary with Emmanuel. We been together for7 years and 3 months today! We are going to celebrate it on Friday during our Friday night date :) Let me tell you, this week has been crazy. I had a party to host, school work to be done, and Halloween! well, Halloween is not that stressing. But I been busy, busy , busy!

 Luckily I still had some time to kill & here are some new things I am obsessing about:

THIS DRESS! I want it & I want it now!

All week I been giggling over this very cute/funny post over at Megan's corner of the internet world. She went on vacation this week and you could say things didn't start out too good. But she is such a good Mom!

Also, I started watching Zooey Deschanel's show New Girl. It is Hilarious! #girlcrush!

This week I entered an awesome  Giveaway over at Dapper ToadCan you guess what her giveaway is?
It is a custom made Cat charm! I am wishing on all my stars that I win! I would really love a custom Booboos charm :). You guys should hop on over and enter. It ends on the 8th!

While all of the fun Halloween posts were going on I discovered these lovely blogs.They are all cuties!
( I loved them so much I added all of them to my Fav's Blog page) 

So as you can see, I didn;t spend all day slaving over school work. Mostly I spend it on twitter (hehe) but I am looking forward for Thanksgiving ( then Christmas!) because I could really use a break.
Till next week!


  1. i love the new show - new girl too! cute and hilarious :) follow each other?

  2. hey thanks :) followed you back as promised.