Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movies at the base

Yesterday night, Manny & his sister took me to see Contagion.

While on our way, Perla reminded me of our very important meeting next week. "Important meeting"  being code word for our Girls night out at the movies to see Breaking dawn! It's funny that all year I been saying Twilight (movies) suck, I hate the actors, blah, blah, blah...and now that the movie is fast approaching I am excited to see it! I'm such a hypo, I guess.

Anyways, yesterday was so much fun. I  dressed all comfy in my warmest clothes. We ordered nachos & popcorn but after seeing the first 15 minutes of the movie I started to get all paranoid. One thing for sure, I am never leaving the house with out my anti-bacterial.


  1. lol I am kinda excited for Breaking Dawn too

  2. Haha like you, i used to say "i don't like this sparkly vampire movie" (oh, i was being biased 'cause i prefer watching the vampire diaries) but then again and again, i ate my words and watched the 3 previous movies of twilight 'cause 1. i have read and collected the books (all of them) and 2. my friends kept talking about (everyone,in fact). And now the first part of the last movie will be showing anytime soon this month, i can't wait to see it. As always, I'm going to watch it with my friends.

  3. Hahaha doesn't that movie leave you traumatized? Gosh, I swear the week after I saw it I was freaking out when people sneezed haha.