Sunday, September 25, 2011


     A year ago, 9/27/10, I rescued a kitten from a craze men who wanted to hurt him. This took place outside of my house at the parking lot structure right next to my room. What I heard, that got my attention, was the voice of a man struggling to reach something from underneath a car. I stared for a bit out the window till I heard the cries of a poor kitten. My instinct was to run outside and with out even thinking I ran under the car and saw the small black kitten shivering in fright. I grabbed the kitten, turned to the man who was yelling at me and I said "he is mine!".

     When I got inside I took the poor little kitten, still in my arms, in to my bed room where Booboos immediately jump to the bed and curiously watched. I then turn on my lights to see him better and to see if he was hurt. I was shocked at what I saw next. I am guessing that the reason he didn't run from the craze maniac was due to eye infection he had. There was hard mucus and puss covering his poor, beautiful face. I took him to the bathroom, washed his face as carefully as possible. The dirt and mucus started to come off.

    After I dried him up,  my mother and I didn't know what to do. His face was swollen. He couldn't even open his eyes. We decided to take him to the shelter... but, I just couldn't part with him. Fortunately, my mother's boyfriend asked if he could keep him. I was so relived because this meant he would stay with us.

     We named him Batzzie (he he, after my nickname meowwzie) & because he looked like a small bat. We took him to the vet. He eventually got better. Now, a year later, he is a wild teenage cat who brings us joy and wonderful moments. Some of the things we enjoy the most is how he is so cuddly and his playful manners. Here is Batzzie:

Look at how beautiful he turned out!
He is blind from one of his eyes.


  1. omg! he is so cute! what a great story too! I would have done the same! I love my cat, his name is Mister, and I rescued him too.

    Check out my blog as well, if you are interested. It's all about food and music in Austin, Texas!

  2. That is amazing what you did, I would have done the same thing. What an adorable kitty, I wish I could kick that man in the chins. I'm so glad to hear that Batzzie is doing better!! I almost cried at the pictures of him with the infection of the eyes, poor thing.