Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breakfast & Thrift shopping

Earlier today, Manny and his family invited me out to breakfast. We headed to La mesa in San Diego to a place called Lake Murray. The food was amazing. Afterwards, we headed to their house & while everybody was relaxing inside, Nathan & I spent some time riding his bike. It is amazing how he learned to ride the bike in less than 3 days! I rode the bike like a champ. Now I want a Black cruiser bike (hehe) Then after a few spins around their parking lot, we got ready to go to a GoodWill. I love thrift shopping! There I found a few dresses (Love, Love, Love!!!) and a few skirts. It was a real good find. Oh, and Manny also bought me the cutest pair of sunglasses. Here are some pictures from our fabulous day:


Cheers cabinet I regret not buying

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  1. I love these pictures :) Looks like a fun day. Cute blog, by the way!