Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labour day Weekend

Last weekend we spent it at the hospital with Manny's mom. She wasn't feeling good so we thought best to take her in. Since I didn't have school I gladly volunteered to stay all day Friday with her while Manny and Perla went to work. I had fun taking care of her. The highlight of my day was when we both laughed at the hospital food she had to eat. 
We spent all of Friday and all of Saturday with her. I might not had our weekly Friday night date but it made me happy to be able to be of some service to Manny's family. Gladly by Sunday she was released and by the looks of how she was acting, she felt much, much better. 

On Monday, Perla invited me to get a Pedicure. I got myself a lilac color. Then we went out to a mexican supermarket and we ate tacos with Horchata. 
I love Horchata!
Afterwards, Manny took me home so he could finish studying for a quiz he had the next day. 

It was a lovely Labour day Weekend. 


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