Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perla's Birthday weekend

Last Friday was Manny's sister's Birthday. 
So we had a two day family celebration on Friday and Saturday.

I went to Manny's house for dinner. We spent the night sitting in the living room eating grapes, cheese, strawberries. Ice cream Birthday cake! and Having a good time looking at old pictures and enjoying every bodies company. 

We all went out for breakfast at Hob nob Hill in downtown. 

The food was amazing!
 I had a spinach, cream cheese & avocado omelette. I died. 
After spending a couple of hours talking and drinking coffee we realized it was probably time to go since the waitress no longer was bringing out hot coffee. But we were having so much fun gossiping that we decided to head over to Balboa park. Plus Nathan was so restless and he could use some fresh air away from all the adult talk.
While at the park,  I was so hot out that even under the shade of the tree I was sweating like a pig! Manny bought us a Rainbow Snow cone. It hit the spot. 

After our trip to the park we went out to buy Perla her birthday gifts. Since she was going out that night and needed something hot to wear we went to a place called Toda moda (All Fashion). It was certainly a fun day.

Credits: Images are from Google.  


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