Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At the Midway!

Last Sunday Manny, Nathan, and I went our for lunch and a trip to the museum.
 For lunch we went to a place called Five guys. I have heard of this place before and I was thankful that there was one at Manny's base. 
After lunch we headed down to seaport village in San Diego.
 There we boarded the USS midway where we took a tour inside the carrier. I felt claustrophobic.

 I was glad when we hit the deck again. 
Then we went up to the top of the carrier were all the aircrafts are. 

While we went around, Manny was telling me about each and one of the Airplanes. 
He mainly explain to me about an airplane he helped engineer last year. I managed to capture a picture while he wasn't looking. That's the plane behind him. 

Nathan and Manny
It was another lovely day out with my two best men.

I almost forgot!
Emmanuel Brought his Yu-gi-oh card decks and we played some kick ass game. I even Won :)


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