Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doggy beach

Last saturday we packed our towels, put on some sunscreen and we went to a doggy beach. There we sat on the sand while every kind of dog, you can imagine, ran around smelling butt after butt. Of course we took our own dog Bonbon, but se was way to shy and stayed glued under Emmanuel's beach chair.

 I had a seeing the different kinds of dogs at the beach. There were fetching dogs, dogs who loved to swim, dogs who would come up to our towel and lay down next to you and begged for a belly rub. We also encounter humongous dogs who looked like dinosaurs! All very playful. All very friendly.

 During our time at the doggy beach Nathan, Emmanuel's nephew, went in the water. He played, made friends, and fell a couple of times. I would of joined him If only I would of bought a summer bathing suit. Guess I have to get to that soon :/

   Well Anyways, If you are a dog person you should definitely try out the doggy beach around your area, and even if you don't have a dog you Will always have a great time.


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