Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mall & dessert.

    Yesterday, We went to the mall to take my valentines gift from last year to JcPenny. A few months ago the chain in my heart necklace had snapped and since I have a life time warranty for it, we decided it was time to take it in to get fixed.

   After window shopping and fun time at Borders, we went to Mcdonalds for an ice cream cone and an ice cream sundae. Then on our way home we passed by the park where we saw a giant screen playing Grease, the movie.

     We decided not to stop and watch it because the park was packed and we were tired. We did spend about 45 minutes outside my house talking about what we could possibly do on saturday, today, but we ended up deciding that we would just go with whatever came up after Emmanuel's nephews baseball ceremony.That concluded another amazing friday night date.


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