Thursday, February 24, 2011

Subsonic Wind Tunnel - Immediate Goal

So, we have this top heavy 700lb fan to work with. Our current goal, which is split into two components, is to mount it horizontally via a frame that we are to carefully design and manufacture. I am in charge of the dynamic load analysis (analysis of moving parts) and my partner is in charge of the static load analysis (analysis of non-moving parts).

My analysis will mostly deal with the mechanical vibrations that are produced due to the angular velocity of the blades. The following are some of the conservative assumptions that I am making during the analysis:

- The fan is unbalanced.
- The fan blades will be modeled as a disk.
- The natural frequency of the system is three times bigger than the angular velocity input.

My results will yield a minimum cross-sectional area of the members that will be supporting the fan such that they will be able to sustain the forces due to vibrations and an area and thickness of my dampening material that will be used to dissipate the vibrations in order to not have the fan moving.

After my partner and I are done with each of our respective analyses, we will unite in order to refine our proposed frame design based on our calculations.


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