Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meowwzie's Boyfriend

Although I would usually refuse to disclose my name on the internet, I see that my girlfirend has done so time and time again and I would assume that I need no introduction. Well, maybe just a little info about myself would be appropriate. The following bulletpoints will disclose info about myself in no particular order whatsoever:

- Boyfriend
- Son (I really shouldn't have to put this one up. I am 99% sure that most of you can come to this conclusion)
- Brother
- Honors Senior Mechanical Engineering Stduent (graduate by end of 2011)
- Repair Design Engineer
- Grease Monkey
- I like to get on my mexican mother's nerves with my scientific based conclusions versus her superstitional, religious, and any other of her conclusions that contradict mine. I do love her though.
- Buildind a low speed windtunnel along w/ its data acquisition software. This for my senior project.
- I try to be as level-headed as possible.
- I dislike arrogance and egotistical people (i.e. my equivalent peers).
- Favorite shows: man v. food, anthony bourdain's no reservations, ddd w/ guy fiery, anything ufo related on history channel, pawn stars, how its made, ...

Alrighty then, enough with the nonsense about myself. I will be writing in on my girlfriend's blog periodically.

For now, blog entry #1:

Right now right now, I am studying for my advanced machine design class. Its not hard, but its very time consuming. Then again, I am listening to the Lil Wayne Pandora station and therefore, it helps make time a little more enjoyable. I need to get this studying out of the way asap since i need to read up on my mechanical vibrations since my group and i are to mount a 700lb 50" diameter fan on a frame that we are to desing and manufacture ourselves. Although the vibrations on the fan will be of small magnitude such that rubber stoppers should be sufficient enough to dampen it according to my favorite professor, I would like to have all of the calculations behind that claim.

Anywho, enough of my academic life. After all, I do have a life to some degree. I love my girlfriend a lot and hence why i do so much. I want to make sure that our future life will be a hell of a lot easier in an economic aspect.

Alrighty then, back to studying. Btw, "Gangsta's Paradise" just stared playing on Lil Wayne Station. One word, "epic."

- Fictitiousforce

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  1. What a nice surprise :) I love you Emmanuel! -Meowwzie